10 Best Villain Costumes In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Ranked

Hirohiko Araki Jojo’s Bizarre AdventureThe distinct art style and detailed character designs showcase the mangaka’s keen eye for fashion. Many characters wear stylish outfits that set them apart from the rest of the cast, and the series’ antagonists are no exception.

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Many JoJo’s villains have become more recognizable than certain heroes due to their stylish costumes and recognizable designs. Small details like the black dots in Diavolo’s hair or the heart patterns on DIO Stardust Crusaders outfit stand out, while others have designs that are merely aesthetic.

ten Yoshikage Kira’s outfit looks unassuming, but the devil is in the details

Yoshikage Kira wanted to live a quiet and peaceful life in Morioh so he could kill as many women as he wanted. He looked like an average businessman and always looked neat. Her costume looked unassuming for the most part, but the devil is in the details.

Kira’s tie is covered in skull designs to reflect her position, Killer Queen. He also wears a periwinkle suit with a pastel green shirt, a bizarre color combination that sets him apart from the rest. If someone wants to blend in, they will opt for neutral or darker colors, but periwinkle and pastel green are two specific shades that will make anyone stand out in a crowd.

9 Squalo and Tiziano were a fashionable couple

Squalo and Tiziano were members of Diavolo’s special squad. They are a fashionable couple and were memorable characters for the rest of the series, despite being only minor antagonists.

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Squalo’s dark blue jumpsuit looks like it was made entirely of denim, and the waist spiky shoulder pads are the perfect complement to the rest of the outfit. Tiziano’s tan overalls were a simple piece, but they were a memorable part of his appearance. They match her blonde hair, which is pulled back with a black headband.

8 Terence T. D’arby is more stylish than his brother

Daniel D’Arby’s outfit was pretty basic, but Terence T. D’arby is much more fashionable than his brother. Her outfit perfectly matches her Stand, Atum. Terence wears a bluish white suit over a black turtleneck shirt with a pink and purple heart design in the center.

He wears earrings and a belt with his initials on it. His facial tattoos are similar to those of his brothers, but Terence has it right down the middle of his forehead and chin. Its stand, Atum, is covered in pastel colors and pink heart patterns. Atum also has the initials “TD” on either side of his face.

seven Risotto Nero’s outfit has an elegant gothic design

Risotto Nero was a minor antagonist in Part 5, but JoJo’s fans really wish they could have seen more of him before his loss. He wore a sleek gothic outfit that went well with his all-black sclera and piercing red eyes.

The outfit consisted of a black hood with gold detailing that spelled out her name. Under the hood and cape, he only wore two leather straps across his chest to form an X with long pants covered in thick black and white stripes.

6 Prosciutto costume is visually appealing

Being juxtaposed next to a sidekick like Pesci is enough to make anyone look better, but Prosciutto’s design is visually appealing on its own. Prosciutto wears a black suit with spiderweb patterns all the way down to his feet. The suit has a deep V-cut, leaving most of her chest exposed.

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The suit also has a bright yellow lapel as a standout piece. Prosciutto completes the look with a decently sized necklace with a large “P” pendant for her name. The silhouette of the outfit is reminiscent of haute couture. His polished aesthetic and elegant costume set him apart from the rest of La Squadra.

5 Miyamoto’s outfit is intricate and ornate

While Kira wanted to blend in as much as possible, Miyamoto’s outfit is ornate, flashy, and stands out from the other residents of the idyllic town of Morioh. He wears a long white coat that is only closed at the top, exposing the rest of his black turtleneck with large ornate chains on his torso.

The coat has bronze detailing on the shoulder and a crisp white outline along the outer edges. The inside of his coat spells out “Enigma”, in reference to his stand.

When done correctly, gold and teal are two colors that complement each other well. Diego Brando’s outfit is a tight combination of these colors. It’s a simple design, proving that patterns and color choices can make or break an outfit.

He wears a teal blue equestrian helmet with the word “DIO” awkwardly mounted on the front. He also wears a tight matching turtleneck with diagonal gold accents, long gold riding gloves, and matching breeches. It’s a jockey outfit with chic style elements mixed in.

3 Diavolo’s outfit is made of contrasting patterns

The most recognizable part of Diavolo’s design, aside from his pink and black hair, is the intricate mesh shirt that features a few contrasting patterns. Horizontal lines run across his chest, with arcs at the top and bottom supporting the vertical lines running down his torso.

His shirt ends in a circular pattern connected to the vertical lines of the upper half, and he has a diagonal grid over his shoulders. Diavolo also wears purple pants with a gold snake-like belt and matching studs. He also has a bohemian-style sleeve of floral tattoos that connect to gold bangles.

2 Enrico Pucci’s signature coat is a bold take on a priest’s outfit

Enrico Pucci is a devout Catholic and religious fanatic. His outfit is a bold version of a priest’s outfit. Instead of a long, drab robe, Pucchi wears one that looks more like a long overcoat. He has a large cross pattern on his chest with a descending red line.

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​​​​​​​Instead of a basic white fabric collar, it looks like Pucci opted for a metallic collar with gold accents. The piece has a distinct bodycon silhouette that contrasts with the more conservative styles that people typically expect from generic black priest robes.

1 DIO’s Stardust Crusaders outfit has become iconic

DIO’s gold and black Stardust Crusaders The outfit has become one of the franchise’s most iconic designs. DIO wore a skintight black bodysuit with a gold coat with matching leggings. When deconstructed, the outfit had all the components it needed to be a risque, edgy fashion statement. When each piece comes together, it creates a stylish outfit that works surprisingly well with DIO’s intimidating personality.

Green heart designs were scattered throughout the outfit, such as on her headband, belt, and matching knee pad. DIO may have been the epitome of pure evil, but there’s no denying the vampire had a great sense of style.

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