10 vacation dresses from Houston boutiques

From Thanksgiving dinners to Christmas parties and a little planning for New Years Eve, it’s safe to say the holidays have finally arrived. Besides the most wonderful time of year, seasonal outfits are perfect for having a good time.

Houston boutiques have unveiled their upcoming vacation collections which are full of the traditional color palette of reds, greens, browns and blues. Two styles topped the list are sparkly sequins and ravishing ruffles. Think Saylor’s Shana midi dress in stock at Elizabeth Anthony or Chloe Dao’s Marmaid midi dress. Knitwear has also been in the spotlight this season, notably with the Mini Dress Curly Willow by Emmaline.

As you prepare for these upcoming extravagances, shop among our top 10 trendy vacation dresses from Houston boutiques.

$ 58

Step into those holiday season with this fabulous green dress that will make even the Grinch jealous. The belly cut, a thigh slit and a shoulder strap are three mini details that make a huge statement.

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$ 138

Houston designer Chloe Dao is responsible for the lovely ruffle midi dress. Pair it with a clean heel, gold jewelry, and a mini handbag to make the Marmaid midi dress dress the star of the show.

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168 $

It’s safe to say that knits aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Emmaline reinvents the typical knit dress with a mini variation, a square neckline and a cutout in the back. In addition, the drawstring allows you to cinch the waist to your liking.

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$ 250

Show Me Your Mumu designed the must-have winter dress of the year. Although Houston doesn’t get the chance to experience a winter wonderland, the frosty blue glitter on the Hoppy evening dress will definitely compensate.

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$ 268

With ruffles dominating the fall looks, they completely favored the Suzani panel dress See you soon. Opulent purple dominates midday and, when paired with boots and tights, can become the perfect fall ensemble.

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$ 308

The evening dress of the year is currently in stock at Hemline. Saylor’s bold Shana midi dress is absolutely mesmerizing. The hot pink sequins, draped skirt and high neck will turn heads at any party.

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$ 386

This year the flowers bloomed from spring to fall. Bytimo’s mid-length fall dress features a mix of reds and pinks that pair perfectly with a pair of ankle boots.

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$ 475

As tights climb the ranks of the comeback, they are doing exceptionally well with this mini dress from Hunter Bell. The blue geo bloom silhouette is perfect for the aperitif or the family Christmas party.

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$ 1,049

Sometimes the most simplistic dresses can be daring. This navy blue ensemble from St John is the perfect base for layering trendy jewelry, a bold boot and an eye-catching handbag.

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$ 1,190

It’s not too late to shop for some fall clothes, and with Thanksgiving on the way, this dress will definitely take turkey eyes away. The chain link design covering the mocha brown makes this outfit the “it” dress of the season.

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