2021 The first import exhibition of sporting goods and equipment in China (Hainan) opened in Haikou on December 3


The first sports exhibition covers a total area of ​​37,000 square meters, including the Chinese pavilion, the international pavilion and the full thematic experience pavilion. Among them, the International Pavilion benefits from four exhibition spaces: Double Olympic Sports Culture Zone, International Zone, Smart Sports Zone and Outdoor Sports Equipment Zone, with exhibitors from six countries: Germany, Brazil, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and the UK, displaying the profitable sports projects, sporting articles and sporting culture characteristic of each country.

The first Sporting Expo lasts until December 5, and the three-day exhibition also organizes the Hainan Free Trade Port Sports Tourism Investment Promotion Conference and the 2021 Hainan Olympic Sports Science and Technology Forum to attract national sports science and technology equipment and foreigners, fitness equipment, outdoor sports equipment, trendy sports equipment, sports services, urban sports tourism and other exhibitors.

The Expo leverages the advantages of the duty-free policy within the Hainan Free Trade Port and innovates in Expo mode with a duty-free warehouse in the front, during which exhibitors can make duty-free purchases on the Expo site. In addition, it also hosts a host of events including the Mr. Beach & Miss Bikini Elite competition in Hainan, the National Open Sports and Dance Tournament, the Paddle Board Around the Standard PK Tournament, Three-person Basketball Challenge and Fancy Dunk Show, Equestrian Science Popularization Experience, Baseball Carnival, etc.

In order to allow the public to deeply feel the “Olympic spirit”, the Olympic torch, medals, world-class trophies from senior projects and other cultural relics from the collection of the China Sports Museum were exhibited on the site, attracting the public to visit.

The Expo is jointly organized by the China Sporting Goods Industry Federation and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province, organized by the Hainan Maritime Silk Culture Development Foundation and co-organized by the Hainan Sports Tourism Development Center.

SOURCE Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province


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