7 fashion lessons from the royal family at Royal Ascot


We’re used to seeing Camilla in her multi-strand pearl necklaces, but she wasn’t alone as nearly every member of the Royal Family wore pearls at some point during Royal Ascot this year. Anne wore nails, Zara wore earrings, and Sophie wore them with a cluster of rainbow stones. They might have a little fashion moment, but this week proves how versatile they are as daytime jewelry for women of all ages.

Treat yourself

Even Princess Anne, known for wearing her favorite fashion pieces for decades, has invested in a few new outfits for this year’s Royal Ascot. She visited a local Gloucestershire boutique, Shibumi, for both the indigo look she wore on day one (with a matching scarf draped over her shoulder) and the yellow coat dress for Ladies Day.

It was an opportunity to support formal wear designers and milliners who missed an entire year of commerce after last summer and much of this summer’s events were canceled due to the pandemic, and a example we should all follow if we can afford it.

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