7 reasons to visit Gympie


Need a relaxing vacation? We’ve all been subjected to a lot of “inner time lately,” and we don’t blame you if you are fed up with it. We crave fresh air, sun, sand, stunning views, and most importantly, a break away from the crowds and the concrete.

Where can you find all of this without crossing borders or being overbooked by competitive Queensland travelers? The always picturesque Gympie region.

Gympie and its beautiful surroundings are home to some of Queensland’s most pristine scenery and epic adventures, stretching from the Cooloola coast to the west. It literally ticks all the boxes on the nature front, offering incredible beaches, rainforests and backcountry. Best part? No concrete or crowds in sight. Just you, farm-fresh produce and the natural beauty that Gympie has to offer.

Ready to explore? Here are a few reasons why Gympie should be your next getaway.

Swim on one of the most scenic beaches in the world

How could we start this list other than singing the praises of Rainbow Beach? Named after its towering multicolored sand cliffs, this piece of paradise has enchanted travelers from all over the world. Being ranked as one of Australia’s best beaches and one of the most scenic in the world, it’s no mystery why Rainbow Beach should be on every Queenslander’s travel checklist.

4×4 with epic waves

Want to inject some adventure into your days at the beach? Load up the Landy and don’t forget the boards. Double Island Point is only accessible by 4×4 and has some of Australia’s best surf waves. Once you’ve had your fill of exploring the island off-road and surf, head to Honeymoon Bay Lagoon at low tide for relaxing vibes and an easy swim, AKA your private oasis on the island. Isle.

Hit the trails

Whether you’re ready for a leisurely walk in the rainforest or a 50+ mile bike ride along an old train line, Gympie’s hike and bike game is strong. We’re talking tracks and trails through all kinds of scenery at all levels of difficulty. Where else could you take a beach birding walk and a rainforest hike to scenic swimming spots on the same day? We recommend the Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail or the Cooloola Great Walk for multi-day trail enthusiasts. For an easy walk, try the River to Rail Trail, Mary Valley Rail Trail, Foreshore Birdwalk, and Wildflower Walk near the Cooloola Coast.

Saddle up for a bush tour

Is your childhood obsession with horses still going strong? Discover Gympie on horseback on one of their iconic equestrian trails. If you’re new to horseback riding, we recommend taking a day trip to the rainforest or going down Rainbow Beach at sunset. For the true horse lovers among you, you can find week-long beach and bush tours that will have you galloping by day and check in at quaint B & B’s at night for a luxury equestrian experience.

Set up a tent under the stars

Your perfect camping trip awaits. With the Gympie region sprawling across farmland, lush rainforest, and scenic coastline, there is no shortage of beautiful places to pitch a tent and sleep among nature. Our top picks for campsites are Inskip for sand bonfire vibes, Amamor State Forest for lush, forested surroundings, and Borumba Dam for creek camping with l deer feed on the side. Just pick your favorite backdrop and sit back for a clear view of the stars that you just can’t get in town.

Paddle through pristine waterways

Something Gympie doesn’t miss? Pristine streams just begging to be explored. Kayak or paddleboard the Mary River to spot turtles and platypus, head out to the Coral Sea to paddle with dolphins, dugongs, sea turtles and whales, or head over to the one of the many beautiful lakes of Gympie for a fishing trip or a refreshing swim.

Eat, drink and take in the view

One of the best things about Gympie that you can’t avoid is the amazing food on offer. Discover the fresh local flavors from the spring on one of the many agricultural trails available. For a more refined dining experience, many restaurants serve five-star meals with views to match. Browse the flavors of Mary Valley for paddock-to-plate freshness you won’t find anywhere else, or head to the coast for next-level seafood feasts. Because what a relaxing vacation is complete without decadent meals in beautiful surroundings?

Ready to trade the urban jungle for beaches, bush and an enviable slow life? Plan your trip to the pristine wilderness of the Gympie region here.

Image Credit: Queensland Tourism and Events

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