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Steve Jobs was one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of all time. As co-founder and CEO of Apple, he had a major impact on the daily lives of so many people. Apple was a major influence on the personal computer movement and the company revolutionized the smartphone with the iPhone in 2007. In the years following Steve’s death at 56 after a battle with cancer, the company continued to grow and launch products used by so many people around the world.

Throughout his life, was married only once to Laurene Powell, 58 years old, whom he married in 1991 and with whom he had three children. The couple had been together for 20 years until Steve’s death in 2011. Before marrying Laurene, he was in a long-term relationship with Chrisann Brennan in the 70s, and the couple had their first daughter together in 1978. Find out everything you need to know about Steve Jobs’ kids here.

Lisa Brennan Jobs

Steve’s eldest daughter is an author who wrote about her childhood in the memoir “Small Fry.” (Shutterstock)

Steve and Chrisann were together from 1972 to 1977, but the couple’s daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs, 44, was born in 1978. Although it was her father’s first child, the couple had a somewhat strained relationship. She admitted that when she was a child, the founder of Apple denied that she was his child, until he was sued for child support when she was a child, as she has written in a 2018 essay for vanity lounge. Despite the rocky start, Steve named one of his first PCs the “Lisa Computer”. In the same room, she admitted that she visited him several times while he was sick, and that they grew closer as she got older.

While her father was a pioneer in the world of technology, Lisa became a writer. His memoirs small fries, detailing her relationship with her father, as well as her life growing up, was published in 2018. She has also written plays for The LA Times, Vogue and more, according to her website. Besides her writing, Lisa is also interested in baking and cooking, showing her culinary creations on her. instagram.

reed jobs

Steve’s son Reed became CEO of Emerson Collective. (Shutterstock)

After Steve and Laurene married in March 1991, they had their first son Reed, 30, in September 1991. Like his father, Reed is clearly very intelligent, having graduated from Stanford University in 2014 and earning a master’s degree the following year, according to his LinkedIn. He currently works as the managing director of the Emerson Collective, founded by his mother.

The Emerson Collective is a company dedicated to philanthropic endeavours, focusing primarily on immigration, the environment and education. The association is also particularly involved in cancer research. Laurene explained their efforts in a Letter of June 2014. “If we have helped someone transcend the limitations of circumstance and chart a new course for themselves and their family, we know we are fulfilling our mission,” she wrote.

Jobs at Erin Siena

After Reed was born in 1991, his little sister Erin Siena, 26 years old, arrived in August 1995. Of all Steve’s children, Erin was the most discreet. She is not active on social media and very little information is available, but her younger sister Standby shared a childhood photo of Erin on her instagram to celebrate her birthday in 2021. The photo showed the two girls on the side of a yacht. “To my best friend forever – happy birthday!! Love you, love you, love you,” Eve wrote in the caption.

Eve Jobs

Steve’s youngest daughter is a rising model. (Shutterstock)

Steve and Laurene’s youngest daughter, Eve, 24, was born in July 1998. Of all Steve and Laurene’s children, Eve has been the most public, being a model and a horsewoman. She is such a gifted rider that she was even named Hall of Fame “Rider Of The Month” in March 2017 by the Show Jumping Hall Of Fame. She took to her Instagram to show off her equestrian skills, but her main focus appears to be modeling.

Eve revealed that she signed with DNA Models in March 2022, and she regularly posts beautiful photos of her work on her social media. Eve has walked the runway at numerous fashion events and she even made her Met Gala debut in May 2022. “Thank you so much to the amazing team behind this look,” she wrote of herself. instagram after the momentous occasion.

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