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Sweet evenings, rosé at lunch, and a stacked business calendar (with a good chunk of social) – there’s a lot to look forward to when migrating back to the office to end the year. While 2021 may be a little different than the ones before it, there’s still no better time to uplift and improve your basics with a touch of sartorial power like Gucci.

Adjusting to the end of the colder months and navigating the post-sweat rebound can be tricky. But one thing is for sure: you can never miss the mark with Gucci yarns no matter what you wear out of the house.

Put all of those concerns to rest with a varied head-to-toe ensemble of versatile knit tops, relaxed blazers, classic slacks and iconic Gucci loafers.

Regardless of your schedule for returning to the office this summer, you’ll undoubtedly find inspiration below, Monday through Friday and beyond.


Adopting a traditional blue cotton design, start the week in style with a wool jacket with Gucci tag ($ 3,190). This piece of clothing will become the hero of this contemporary interpretation of an overall traditional aesthetic, which can be associated with the thread of subtle but iconic symbols. oxford shirt cut ($ 1,030). Tailored-inspired cotton ankle pants with Web tape ($ 1,245) speaks of the heritage of the original codes of the House and is completed by a pair of horsebit loafers in black leather 1953 ($ 1,115). Since the introduction of these classic shoes in the 1950s, they have stood the test of time as a sure-fire staple for any sophisticated office outfit.

Finally, as time is more precious than ever in the corporate world, stay ahead of your schedule with the G-Timeless 40mm watch. ($ 2,745). Designed with a black guilloche dial enriched with silver indexes taking the shape of the Maison’s motifs, this timepiece shouts classic elegance under the cuff.


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If a blazer is too formal and you prefer to chill out in your old office style, then swap the jacket for a Square G intarsia wool cardigan. ($ 1,245) with a V-neck that allows the pronounced collar of a geometric cotton shirt ($ 930) to shine. Suave and sedating is the look we go for here, embracing neutral colourways and the power of contrast. One straight leg on the cotton pants with interlaced G patch ($ 1,310) is presented in dark blue cotton gabardine and washed for a subtle vintage effect. Understated luxury is expertly finished for this look with a pair of men’s pointy moccasins with horsebit. ($ 1,270), a wide GG Marmont belt ($ 725), and a GG Embossed backpack ($ 4,995), the latter being equipped with multiple pockets inside and out so you can exploit both style and functionality in one package.

Finally, no man is complete without his timepiece, in this case a 38mm Grip watch. ($ 3,420) from the Epilogue Collection. Presented in a steel case and bracelet but covered with a unique synthetic onyx stone, you will be perfectly aware of the day, hour and minutes thanks to the dial with three windows.


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As the mercury rises, there is always a time and place for lighter hues and extra expression on your corporate apparel list. Wear the color beige throughout the workweek in a tailored Gucci cotton and suede jacket ($ 3,730) that showcases touches of leather and suede to add an unexpected layering to the silhouette. You also can’t go wrong with a light blue oxford shirt. ($ 865) and cotton pants with interlaced G patch ($ 1,310) to complement the vintage aesthetic. One of the House’s most iconic styles, these Gucci 100 moccasins ($ 1,350) offer a mix of black leather and maxi GG canvas, while the Gucci 25H watch ($ 3,260) in a 38mm gold-plated case and integrated strap is one of the most beautiful watch releases from the Maison for years. For everything that does not fit in your pockets, the Mini Tote Bag with Interlocking G ($ 1,785) will do the job.


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Towards the end of the week, the GG Silk Cotton Jersey Jacquard polo ($ 1,245) is a sure-fire option for injecting a key element of structured personality into those slightly more casual outfits. Tuesday’s dark blue pants would be a nice pairing here, or you can line the patterns up with the tartan plaid wool pants. ($ 1,840). The Gucci 100 moccasin ($ 1,480) – which honors the Maison’s centenary – is a sharp addition to this look, this time in brown rather than black, and the shades of brown continue with the GG perforated cotton cardigan ($ 1,840) inspired by the original Gucci diamond pattern from the 1930s. As with all Gucci pieces in this lookbook, the devil is in the details, and no outfit is complete without the proper equipment such as a small Gucci 100 tote bag. ($ 3,075) and the gender-neutral Grip Watch ($ 2,565) in an elegant 40mm package with a classic two-window dial.


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The weekends are basically here, but there is a fine line between staying cool and maintaining professionalism as 5pm approaches. Gucci 100 floral-print bowling shirt ($ 2,055) will make the transition from your office to the sunsets after work without sewing, and the cotton pants with G interlocking ($ 1,310) returns to complete the streamlined yet relaxed Friday style. The touch of blue on the 38mm Grip Watch ($ 2,630) Super-LumiNova shakes up Gucci’s traditional tricolor uniform. Combine the backpack with Interlocking G ($ 2,895) with a pair of moccasins with Horsebit hardware ($ 1,270) to complete the ultimate weekend dress up, the latter slightly shade of brown more playful than the previous one.


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We are there, what you expected. Gucci’s contemporary take on professional sartorialism ticks the boxes throughout the professional week, but some of the House’s most stylish and sought-after garments are best served outside of work hours.

Let the vibrant colors soar with a yellow cable knit sweater featuring removable sleeves ($ 1,840) and relax in the ripped eco-friendly wash organic denim pants ($ 1,135). As for the sneakers, they’re no more iconic retro than Gucci’s humble nods to its equestrian origins on the men’s sneaker with Web. ($ 1,175). Big and bold are back this summer with the Navigator frame sunglasses ($ 575), proudly displaying Gucci rivets on the front and a logo on the sides. Change up your wrist set on the weekend for a Gucci 45mm dive watch ($ 2,120) for those days when you probably split your time equally between the waves and the mainland. Finally, with less hassle on weekends, there is less to transport. The messenger bag ($ 1,785) is crafted in monogram canvas and its interlaced G has remained one of the Maison’s most symbolic codes since its introduction.

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