Borders slowly open to evacuated Ukrainian horses as feed supply dwindles

The Lensa Wola Equestrian Club in Głogów Małopolski is the support center for equestrian aid to Ukraine. © Charity Foundation of the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation

Horses evacuated from Ukraine following the Russian invasion are allowed to enter Moldova without restrictions.

An order from the Ministry of Agriculture of Moldova has been given to let all animals pass, even those without papers, said the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation. Ten days of quarantine would be required.

Two border crossings in Romania also offer free entry to horses evacuated from Ukraine following the Russian invasion. A microchip and a passport are required to bring horses through Albitas and Halmeu. Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are also setting up quarantine stations, the federation said. He was also working to organize a refuge in Ukraine in an area beyond the military actions.

Following the establishment of the Charitable Foundation of the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation, some 250 individuals and organizations from all over Europe, the United States and Canada offered their help.

Given the difficulties in evacuating horses, the focus is currently on helping horses inside the country. Supplies are very low and food and chip donations are urgently needed, the Foundation said. He estimated that there was less than a week’s worth of food left for many stables in Ukraine.

Donations are processed via a logistics platform in Poland, at the Lensa Wola Equestrian Club in Głogów Małopolski. All deliveries must be coordinated by the foundation and follow customs procedures.

The foundation seeks three types of aid:

1. Haylage in small packages weighing up to 20 kg.
2. Compound feed for horses (such as muesli) in bags weighing up to 20 kg.
3. Sawdust (chips) pressed in packing up to 20 kg.

Anyone bringing supplies should contact the foundation directly, and those who need help are invited to specify their needs.

It is also possible to donate food via one of the many online shops Poland, including Allegro, which can be translated into English. The address for deliveries is on the page, and comments on the most efficient ordering methods can be made on the page. Those ordering food are asked to declare donationsto allow the coordination of supplies.

The next shipment from the Lesna Wola Equestrian Club hub to Ukraine is scheduled for March 8-9, but then there will be constant deliveries across the border.

Several new drop points have been established across the group UK Veterinary Professionals for Ukraine Created by Manchester RSPCA Veterinarian Dr Antonina Babchuk.

The group is collecting medical and veterinary supplies that will go to the front lines in Ukraine.

Babchuk said: “Now is the time for ‘One Health’ to shine: the principles of wound care and surgery are the same whether furry or not,” she said.

Donated products are itemized and recorded ready for efficient transportation.

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