Boutique with an equestrian atmosphere heading to Tavistock

An application has been submitted to West Devon Borough Council for planning permission for a complete redevelopment of the former Santander Bank on Brook Street, Tavistock into a new fashion store, Joules.

The big chain, which sells fashion clothes with an equestrian vibe, already has 90 outlets across the country.

In application 0338/22, Joules outlines its plans for the new store at 49 Brook Street.

The retailer is applying for planning permission for a new wood frame storefront with window and side door.

Advertising authorization is also requested for a new store sign, in the colors Joules black on yellow ocher (0339/22).

The store is currently empty and closed.

Comments are invited to West Devon Borough Council via the planning section of the council website by March 10.

Meanwhile, in Highampton, Mr and Mrs R Dumpleton are applying for full planning permission for two new homes to replace an existing barn (0124/22). The Town Barton Farm proposal is for a pair of semi-detached houses, one with two bedrooms and the other with three bedrooms. A statement on behalf of the nominees said the proposal was drawn up after prior advice to the bid from council officers.

“Replacing the existing open barn with the pair of semi-detached units will have a range of benefits for the area. This will be an immediate visual improvement to the setting as well as the provision of two desperately needed modestly sized accommodation in this area as identified by West Devon Housing Needs.

“In keeping with the barn’s simple appearance, the facade has been deliberately restrained in terms of windows and features, with the main entrances being to the side and the larger openings being positioned at the rear,” the statement read.

“At the same time, the size and position of the windows have been carefully designed to utilize solar gains, provide connections to the gardens and maximize the fabulous views.”

A proposal for holiday accommodation on a farm in South Narraton near Okehampton will involve the conversion of two outbuildings.

The application proposes to convert a Nissen hut and an outbuilding currently used as a workshop into holiday homes, 0131/22/FUL.

The Nissen Hut will retain the style of a Nissen Hut, refitted with style-conforming doors and windows as well as new siding. The workshop, a blockhouse structure, will be retrofitted with a gable roof and cladding with horizontal sloping edges. Both units will be wheelchair accessible. Comments are invited through the planning section of the WDBC website by March 10.

Other applications to West Devon Borough Council include:

Photovoltaic cells on the roof of the Outbuilding, Planning and Consent to Listed Buildings, Glebe House, Exbourne –

Building consent listed for proposed new permeer fence, Quay View School, Bere Alston –

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