Burberry teams up with Minecraft to take gaming a step further

In person, the designs of items such as trench coats, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats and scarves merge brand codes; Burberry tiles combine with Minecraft vines, the brand’s favorite flowers are pixelated. In the game, 15 free skins can be downloaded by users, five of which are inspired by the collection of physical capsules. Other pieces nod to iconic Burberry looks, while some play more into the game and world of Minecraft. The designs are all modeled after Burberry designer looks, styled by Burberry stylists. It also highlights the talent of Minecraft creators like Blockception, and the artistic potential they contain: “They create these beautiful works of art that you never thought could be made of simple pixels.”

“We created something that looks like us: very high-end, very fashionable, very luxurious, but also very Minecraft,” says Hennche. Here, Burberry signals an openness to the metaverse aesthetic that has not always been easily embraced by the fashion industry. The aesthetics of the Metaverse and Web3 graphics were criticized as the fashion moved deeper into the space. Minecraft is famous for its blocks and pixels – it’s not an obvious choice for a luxury brand. For Burberry, it was another opportunity to embrace the unexpected, opting for a less traditional high-fidelity world in which to create designs and activities. Hennche points out that the cube is an integral part of Burberry’s visual language, from the brand’s fashion shoots to modular in-store visual merchandising and the Burberry check, so the chance to experiment with this style was welcome.

“We will continue on the path of testing and learning,” Hennche said, noting that the brand will be considered for its partnerships, but will make room for more experimental projects that blend digital and physical, building on on the learnings of this Minecraft partnership.

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Correction: This article has been updated to correct the spelling of Phillip Hennche in the last paragraph. (1/11/2022)

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