Calculate the numbers: Lowcountry Kettle aims to become an official state chip

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – A Lowcountry company recently received a loan from a local organization, which it says will help it increase production and jobs in the Lowcountry.

Two Lowcountry business owners say that with the help of a local organization, they hope to become South Carolina’s official potato chip soon.

Spicy Pepper Cheese, Bloody Mary, State Fair Fried Pickle, and Mustard BBQ are the flavors Andrew Trumbull and Clayton Wynne infuse in potato chips. They are the owners of Lowcountry Kettle, a potato chip business that received a boost from a local organization.

“With this loan, it allowed us to acquire all the equipment and this installation to grow which will multiply our production by about twenty times”, explains Wynne. “We want to be the official South Carolina chip.”

Trumbull and Wynne say the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Government loan has enabled the chip company to increase production with the potential to add up to 25 jobs in the future.

“The loan was amazing, it allowed us to take our small, very small production to the next level,” said Trumbull.

Daniel Brock, spokesperson for BCD’s Council of Government, says the organization’s revolving loan program is something all small business owners should benefit from.

“The revolving credit fund acts as a gap financing between what traditional banks can provide and what a business can provide as collateral to help these businesses cross the finish line and help them create. jobs, ”says Brock.

Brock says the BCD Government Council has calculated the numbers, they say the organization has loaned $ 9,044,108 to 63 local businesses.

The owners of Lowcountry Kettle say that with the loan, increased production, and new flavors, they hope it will make it South Carolina’s favorite crisps.

Brock says small business owners who needed to apply for a loan can go to the BCD Government Council website to apply for community development.

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