Charlotte Casiraghi talks about books, bags and buckles at Chanel’s latest Literary Rendez-Vous


Flaubert and Baudelaire’s works are the books Casiraghi would take to a desert island, but asking him to choose his most valuable Chanel piece is of course much more difficult for the Monegasque model, writer and humanitarian. When in a hurry, she comes across a small blush-colored leather bag that she received when she was a little girl. “I love the luminosity of this forever pink bag,” she said with a smile. Her Chanel Boucle Jackets would be the next thing she would save from a house fire – as well as the room she would encourage others to invest in, because “it works with everything.”

Karl Lagerfeld’s fondest memories of Charlotte are the summers she spent on vacation at his home as a teenager with her girlfriends. “It was such a special moment, so intimate and fun,” she recalls, before sharing what she admires in her successor, Virginie Viard. “His integrity and honesty are extremely valuable; she doesn’t try too hard, ”says Casiraghi. “Virginie has such knowledge of the brand, but at the same time she is herself and she doesn’t do anything to impress anyone.”

Jeanette Winterson lends her thoughts on Virginia Woolf to Chanel.


For Casiraghi – who once said it was almost like she was born with Chanel, but was officially named an Ambassador in 2020 – a Chanel woman is defined by the way she holds herself. “She has that perfect balance between masculine and feminine,” muses Charlotte, who dons pearls and tweed with the same air of nonchalance.

Despite the impeccable composure of the royal figurehead (she is of course Grace Kelly’s granddaughter) and her dynamism (she is also an avid horseback rider), Charlotte is a dreamer who loves to get lost in the world. of the literature that Chanel offered on her as part of her ambassadorial tenure. His main takeaway from the most recent appointment came from Jeanette, who said that “the creative spirit is the most precious thing”.

“In a way, you can be in the darkest hours of your life, but if you believe that through the imagination you can actually open doors and recreate another me or another story, that is a strong and simple message. If that’s not enough to tune you in, we don’t know what it is.

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