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ST. CITY OF ALBANS – Following a decisive vote on the day of the city meeting, St. Albans city officials are preparing the next steps towards the construction of a new city hall.

On Tuesday, voters approved the proposed mayoral advancement by a margin of 1,251-598 – a two-to-one margin on a day the city saw much higher than normal voter turnout.

“I felt like people were ready and understood the need, so I was thrilled,” CEO Carrie Johnson said of the vote.

Article 4 asked voters whether or not to allow the council to spend the infrastructure development funds generated by the local option tax to pay impact fees and a short-term loan to build a new town hall. which will be located near 576 Georgia Shore Road.

The mandate article follows a vote in November in which residents approved $ 400,000 in tax revenue on local options to be spent on pre-development and land purchase expenses for the project.

Replacing the 120-year-old town hall in the town of St. Albans has been a long-standing goal for the town, with studies showing limited space and accessibility issues presented by their current home in St. Albans Bay.

The new hall envisioned by city officials would see a 13,000-square-foot one-story building placed on a property near Georgia Shore Road. The total cost of the project is approximately $ 4.5 million, with $ 2 million payable in cash and $ 2.5 million to be borrowed on a 15-year loan.

According to Johnson, the city will soon be issuing a request for proposals seeking a construction manager to oversee the bid for who will construct the building.

“We hope to innovate this summer – hopefully in June,” she said in an interview with the Messenger Thusday.

If all goes well, the city could hold the 2022 information hearing ahead of the city meeting in the new building, Selectboard chairman Brendan Deso said.

“The only thing I see delaying construction is the pandemic-related hardware shortages,” he said in an interview on Wednesday.

Deso and Johnson thanked both voters for the approval and city employees for working to move the project forward and for their work on the day of the city meeting.

“I want to thank our City Clerk and her assistant, as well as our election day volunteers and staff for making Town Meeting Day 2021 as safe and successful as possible,” Deso said.

Plans for St. Albans Bay

In addition to providing more space for municipal staff and future growth, the new town hall is part of a larger plan to revitalize St. Albans Bay, officials said. Deso said the city is also planning to build a sidewalk between the new city hall and the wharf and park by the bay, and that a fundraising campaign is planned in the coming months to revitalize the park’s historic stone house. of the bay, which will see its 90th anniversary in 2023.

In the meantime, Deso said the New Town Hall is the last big project voters will be asked to approve at this time.

“We hope this will kick-start the revitalization of the bay,” Johnson said of the new town hall.

And the current town hall?

“We have no identified municipal need for this building,” Deso said.

Deso said the city was open for the property to be sold or rented to an individual or business, as well as its potential use as a community building. Johnson said the next steps for the current town hall will be a topic of community-wide discussion going forward.

“We think there could be a great next chapter for this building,” she said.

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