Coaches spring campaign focused on transportation modes – WWD

Jennifer Lopez riding around town with a group of BMX riders? Who knew she had such skills as a cyclist.

Lopez is just one of the bold names that will feature in Coach’s Spring 2022 campaign, aptly titled: “That’s My Ride,” which launches today. The campaign also features Megan Thee Stallion, Noah Beck, Wisdom Kaye and Kōki in vignettes designed to evoke nostalgic ride scenes in the movies. Think Megan Thee Stallion in a bumper car at a seaside amusement park and Wisdom Kaye and his TikTok group, including Noah Beck, cruising through Brooklyn in an open-air car.

Coach’s creative director, Stuart Vevers, worked with director and photographer Tyler Mitchell on the campaign, which for the first time reimagines Coach’s horse and carriage logo in a pop color palette.

The campaign is designed to showcase the brand’s Spring 2022 collection and includes the horse and carriage collection, as well as key pieces such as the Field Tote and the Hitch Backpack. It also introduces a re-imagining of Coach’s signature, which will launch in February with the next chapter of the campaign.

“Happy and optimistic, Spring 2022 celebrates our house codes through the perspective of a new generation,” Vevers said. “It expresses what I’ve always loved about Coach, which is how our legacy can be a platform for individual expression and bold ideas that shape the future.”

Noah Beck, Wisdom Kaye, Parker Kit Hill and Elsa Majimbo.

The campaign was shot in cities around the world in collaboration with new ambassadors Dean Fujioka and Shawn Dou and TikTok stars Parker Kit Hill and Elsa Majimbo. In addition to videos and stills, “That’s My Ride” will also be shown at New York City bus and bike stations.

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