Contestants Spend Thousands on Personal Training and Beauty Treatments Before Appearing on Dating Show


british dating show Island of love is a cover of an earlier series of the same name. The show started airing again in 2015, and contestants stay in a villa to find love or money. There are seven seasons to date and millions of people are enjoying the show.

Before arriving, islanders receive social media training and an assistance program. Not only that, but they get a lot of clothes before and during the shoot. Yet many of them pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Many candidates for “Love Island” must quit their jobs

In Island of love, viewers can see ordinary people experience a little bit of fame as they search for love. Fans learned all about the Islanders and their type of career. Many of them were barbers, bartenders and waitresses. A few guests had more interesting jobs.

For example, Alana Paolucci joined the dating show in August of this year. In fact, she was a model for clients like Playboy. However, all guests would spend most of their time in the villa. According to Vice, many of them had to quit their daytime jobs at the last minute.

A 2019 candidate named Shaughna Phillips worked as a Democratic Services Officer. She had promotional ambitions, but she stopped them when Island of love the producers approached her. Like others, Phillips was in danger of losing his job security after leaving the villa.

Laura Anderson has been on the Emirates cabin crew for years. The show’s producers gave him 10 days to make a huge decision. Anderson had to abandon her rented house and she paid Emirates to resign because she could not provide 30 days notice.

Islanders also pay a lot of money in preparation

‘Love Island’ season 3 couple, Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch | Sara Mally / CBS / Getty Images

When Island of love started, the series had a little cult. As a result, the first competitors had to bring their own clothes. After George Day quit his job, he took the time to train and eat well. He couldn’t wear designer clothes, so he paid over $ 900 for new outfits.

Although things have changed, people still tend to spend a lot of money getting ready to appear on the dating show. Jade Affleck explained how she prepared for the camera. She explained that she hired a personal trainer for six weeks.

Affleck paid for hair extensions, a manicure, special shampoo, and trips to the tanning bed. In total, she spent over $ 4,700 to appear on the dating show.

One of the changes to the show is that guests receive gift certificates when they show up. Coupons are worth hundreds, and islanders can shop before filming. Throughout production, guests would receive more clothing from sponsors.

People make big career decisions and spend hundreds of dollars before appearing in Island of love. For many of them, the choice is worth it because of the notoriety of social networks. A person can become a celebrity in a way after arriving.

Many contestants saw their Instagram followers increase after leaving the series. Viewers even dubbed the show an “influencer factory.” Someone can use fame to their advantage even if they don’t win the grand prize of $ 100,000.

Phillips left with a million followers and she had the opportunity to appear on other TV shows. Another islander, Jamie McCann, used his sponsored Instagram posts for extra income. She used the money to attend drama school and now works as an equestrian model.

While some contestants weren’t very lucky after the show, many people appreciate the increased visibility.

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