Crystal coat and long skirt by Lori Harvey | Pictures

Lori Harvey is deconstructing formal wear ideals one high-profile event at a time. On September 29, the model ditched the traditional cocktail dress and flowing gown in favor of Look 54 from designer Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry Fall/Winter 2022 ready-to-wear collection. Harvey has mingled with other celebrities — including Jodie Turner-Smith, Dua Lipa, Phoebe Dynevor, and more. creative director.

Like Tisci’s entire collection, Harvey’s outfit defied traditional norms of evening wear, making her luxurious trench coat the focal point of the ensemble. “This collection was so special, I felt like it reintroduced what evening wear meant to him,” Harvey’s stylist Elly Karamoh wrote in an Instagram post, adding that he wanted to ” to honour [Tisci’s] genius” with the look. “He used his own cathedral and gothic codes and blended it all in with the English house. Lori tonight brought the vision to life and once again made the dream real.”

From the front, Harvey’s look was contemporary yet elegant, sporting a striking silhouette with the open trench coat layered over her low-rise long skirt and cropped quarter-zip, a subtle nod to the popular velvet tracksuit of the 2000s. The jacket itself featured a high collar adorned with crystal studs that flowed into a panel on both sides of the buttonhole, stopping abruptly at Harvey’s waist to show off the delicate white fabric of the coat. Like the underlying zipper and matching skirt – which featured a sexy knee-length back slit – Harvey’s sleeves were adorned with silver equestrian knights, Burberry’s logo.

Karamoh styled her outfit with white pointy toe pumps and crystal drop earrings adorned with oversized white ribbon bow ties. While we’ll always have our eyes peeled for the next party dress trend, Harvey’s tribute to Tisci sets us up for more trench coat moments on the red carpet.

Check out Harvey’s outfit at the Albie Awards from every angle.

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