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The host Desiree Ortíz shared with HELLO! TV one of his greatest passions: equestrian sports. The presenter told Christian Carabias that from an early age his parents instilled in him a love for horses and that it is something that almost comes almost in his DNA. “We are an equestrian family,” said the beautiful Venezuelan proudly, adding that she, her mother, her sister and several of her cousins ​​are great lovers of equines and that this united them even more. “At one point in Venezuela here in Wellington (Florida) I also have my cousins ​​here, so when a passion unites us things get stronger.

Desiree added that she was fascinated by the shine of equines, as they are not just for recreation or pleasure, but thanks to them, many people with different abilities perform medical treatments that benefit their health.

© @ desireeosalswachDesiree Ortíz is riding a horse

“Horses with extremely intelligent animals and that’s something people don’t know, in fact that’s why they’re so therapeutic. Not only is it a sport or leisure theme, but they are also used for the well-being and for children in difficulty ”.

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