Elden Ring removes the most ruthless characteristic of Dark Souls


Elden Ring implements elements of a number of FromSoftware games. However, he appears to have removed one of Dark Souls’ most ruthless characteristics.

The upcoming game Ancient ring borrows gameplay features from Dark souls as well as other FromSoftware titles, but at least one feature is not coming back. The game will still allow players to roll around to escape attacks, drink from a flask to regain health, and summon other players for online co-op. However, Ancient ring seems to have omitted a ruthless feature of Dark souls: fall damage.

Fall damage in Dark souls makes crossing any type of elevated terrain perilous. Falling even from a small height can dramatically reduce a player’s health, and recklessly rolling off a cliff can mean certain loss. Certain pieces of gear and magic such as the Silvercat Ring and Fall Control sorcery can prevent a player from taking fall damage, but such methods aren’t always available right away. Ancient ring, on the other hand, apparently made the high jump a less strenuous experience.

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The way in which Ancient ring changes Dark soulsThe fall damage game mechanic can be viewed in the game preview for Ancient ring on the BANDAI NAMCO Europe YouTube channel. At many points during the preview, the Terni can be seen traversing the environment, jumping from great heights to the ground below, sometimes repeatedly. Although no health bars are displayed during these game segments, the player does not appear disturbed by these falls which would otherwise cause severe damage to the body. Dark souls, nor do they show that they heal after multiple falls. Even in the event of a fall from horseback, the player’s horse appears capable of performing a second midair jump before landing, resulting in no damage or interruption to the stride.

Removing Dark Souls Fall Damage Makes Elden’s Ring Easier

Eliminating fall damage is an understandable choice given Ancient ringopen world, a unique feature for a FromSoftware title. The game has a huge world map with a myriad of accessible terrains, while the locations of Dark souls often consist of narrow and restrictive pathways. Locations in Ancient ring Also appear to have been created with verticality in mind, such as the towering cliffs and high castle walls. Navigating in such an environment while dealing with fall damage could hamper the player’s freedom of movement, which more than justifies the change.

While there is no direct confirmation that the fall damage has been completely removed from Ancient ringit seems to have been at least limited to a manageable level to maximize exploration. Although fall damage added to the overall difficulty of Dark souls, this new entry of the Souls the series will likely always be a recognizable challenge for fans of the franchise. Overall, the elimination of damage caused by falls, as well as Ancient ringthe riding function of, promises to do Ancient ring the easiest FromSoftware game to play yet.

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Ancient ring releases for Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on February 25, 2022.

Source: BANDAI NAMCO Europe / YouTube

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