Fans are still confused over Madonna’s choice to wear an eye patch

It would be impossible to fit everything Madonna‘s remarkable achievements in one article. The Queen of Pop’s career spans over 4 decades. She drew on different genres, inspired countless artists who came after her and continued to grow as an artist even after securing her legacy.

Of course, Madonna is no stranger to controversy. She has always broken the mold in her professional and personal life, and even now she continues to stand out among current artists. Its latest novelty, Mrs X, showed her wearing an eye patch, a statement that many fans didn’t understand. Here’s what we know about it.


Who is Mrs X?

Since the beginning of her career, Madonna has never been afraid to make a statement in each of her albums. It’s not just his music that has always been bold.

Her clothing choices also made headlines for decades. And even in her sixties, she stayed true to her style. In his 2019 album, Mrs Xshe once again blindsided her fans with her decision to wear an eye patch.

It’s by no means the most controversial thing the Queen of Pop has done, but it has some fans confused.

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The thing is, Mrs X is not only the title of his album. No, Madame X is a whole character that she created from a story from her childhood. At 19, she had a dance teacher who was frustrated because she could never “identify” who Madonna was, so she called her Madame X.

It might have been boring for the singer at the time, but it was inspirational when she wrote the album.

I felt the same, at that time, while recording. So once I decided the name of my record would be called ‘Madame X’, I had to create a story that was kind of the start of Madame X’s journey,” she said. on this subject.

The name is a way for her to express her vulnerability and the many aspects of her personality. “I have days where I feel like a warrior and invincible. And I have days where I feel like an open wound. But that’s human, isn’t it? And also, I think that it’s the journey of an artist.”

What does Madonna’s eye patch mean?

Since the release of the album, Madonna has received questions about which eye patch she chose to be the defining characteristic of the character she chose for the record.

For this, she had to give a more detailed explanation of who Madame X was. She created the character to pay tribute to women around the world, which is why she said that Madame X was a “dancer, teacher, chef state, cleaning lady, equestrian, prisoner, student, mother”.

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“She’s a spy. She’s a secret agent. She travels the world. She changes her identity. She sleeps with one eye open. And she travels all day with one eye closed. She was actually injured. eyes,” Madonna shared.

She also explained that the idea for the eye patch came to her when she was writing the backstory for the cha cha instructor she plays in the “Medellin” video.

“She has just escaped from incarceration, a sort of kidnapping. She has been living in the Amazon for about eight months. She has suffered deprivation, physical violence of all kinds, and during her incarceration, she has been tear out the eyeballs. So when she escapes, she draws eye patches that are kinda fancy and fancy.”

Fans aren’t so happy with Madonna’s choice

Although it was an artistic choice and a backstory, Madonna’s decision to make the eye patch such a big part of the album didn’t sit well with some of her fans.

Response to the album was positive, but when it came to aesthetics, audiences were divided, especially when she used it in interviews and general public appearances.

Many people found the gesture offensive to those with real injuries that required eye patches. Others thought it was harmless, but a weird attempt to get attention.

Of course, there were tons of fans who saw the artistic value of the backstory Madonna crafted, so it wasn’t all negative.

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Mixed reactions aren’t new to the Queen of Pop either, and she’s had much harsher responses to much more controversial stuff than she’s done, so she doesn’t seem terribly concerned about that.

Mrs X has since received rave reviews and topped the charts. It’s safe to say the Queen isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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