Fitzsimon flawless at the Dannevirke World Cup


Tegan Fitzsimon and Windermere Cappuccino on their way to victory in FEI POLi Payments World Cup qualifying at Dannevirke this afternoon. Photo by Kerry Marshall / KAMPIC

Tegan Fitzsimon is the rider that all FEI POLi Payments World Cup competitors pursue, having claimed her third victory in four qualifiers in the New Zealand League’s penultimate round.

Today’s victory, at Metalform Central and Southern Hawke’s Bay Showjumping Show in Dannevirke, allows him to head to the series later this month in a dominant position in the charts.

Eleven lined up today to be challenged by course designer Roger Laplanche and very gusty wind conditions. Only four were clear and on time in the first round – Tegan, Phillip Steiner (Tauranga) aboard Cassina Dior, the final two-time winner and Olympic Cup holder Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) with LT Holst Andrea and veteran Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) on Central Se park.

In the second, Tegan aboard Windermere Cappuccino and Phillip with Cassina Dior were the only ones keeping their slates perfectly clean, however, the clears also came from Logan Massie (Dannevirke) with Bravado Ego Z and the World Cup debutant. Jeremy Whale (Hampton Downs) with Idol D, both fault carriers in the first round.

Tegan was delighted with her beloved bay gelding. “He was so good there,” said the two-time World Cup Series winner West Melton. “The course went very well and was very enjoyable. It was quite big but everyone’s horses jumped well.

Windermere Cappuccino was strong enough for its rider in the first lap but calmed down a bit for the second. “He was very energetic and keen to get back into the ring after a little break. It’s good, but it made life a bit difficult. He still jumped fantastically and felt really good.

The people of the South Island, based in the north seven months of the year, were the last to participate in the second round. “He’s been naturally quick this season, so I figured if I kept pushing things pretty tight, everything should be okay.”

She was particularly happy to score another clear double. “He’s been a lot more consistent signing clear doubles this season. It’s nice to see him jump so well past Hawke’s Bay where he struggled in these conditions (very wet and swampy). It’s great to find him on the right track.

Phillip and Cassina Dior placed second with their double clear round in 63.74 seconds, a little behind Tegan’s 57.29, with Brooke in third place, finishing on four fouls after an unlucky rail at the end of the second tower.

Results –

Jumping, POLi Payments Qualification for the FEI World Cup (NZ League) (sponsored by Metalform): Tegan Fitzsimon (West Melton) Windermere Cappuccino 1, Phillip Steiner (Tauranga) Cassina Dior 2, Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) LT Holst Andrea 3, Mauritius Beatson (Dannevirke) Central Park 4, Sophie Scott (Palmerston North) Waitangi Skynet 5, Jeremy Whale (Hampton Downs) Idol D 6.

Country TV Pony Grand Prix Series (sponsored by Kelso Genetics / John Gilliland Memorial): Penny Borthwick (Masterton) Foxden’s Merlot 1, Chloe Roylance (New Plymouth) Tallyho Cleopatra 2, Melissa Berridge (New Plymouth) Onetai Fire and Ice 3, Jessica McCann (Gisborne) Lay Z Lad 4, Tessa Mason (Hawke’s Bay) M. Acho 5, Penny Borthwick (Masterton) Rednalhgih Cowan 6.

Harrison Lane Pro-Am Rider Series (sponsored by Horton Transport): Mathew Dickey (Hamilton) Waitangi Imak 1, Noni Morgan (Hastings) Starlight Discovery 2, Kelly Stevens (Taupo) Insignia 3, Kathryn Alabaster (Hastings) Haupouri Ferrari NZPH 4, Sally Clark (Dannevirke) Victoria’s Secret 5, Brigitte Smith (Taihape) HR Lanardo 6.

FMG Young Rider Series (sponsored by NZPH): Sophie Scott (Palmerston North) Lakota 1, Samantha Carrington (Takapau) Double J Breeze On 2, Tyla Hackett (Waiuku) Global PH Cocofino 3, Tara Gower (Ohura) WTF Cabello 4.

Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider Series (sponsored by Duwell): Tim Wilson (Waipukurau) McMillans Chuck 1, Tara Gower (Ohura) Double J Image 2, Hollie Falloon (Masterton) Just Jessie 3, Dylan Burton (Taumarunui) Kiwi Supakee 4, Abe Baker (Hastings) Hawkesdale Mahe 5, Grace Stevenson (Hastings) Brigadoon 6.

Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series (sponsored by Pure Sport & Leisure): Nigel Horton (Woodville) Mandalay Cove 1, Rebecca Roigard (Taupo) Neo 2, Harvey Nelson (Waimarama) Flash NZPH 3, Lara Quinn (New Plymouth) Outlander 4, Amanda Steele (Dannevirke) Rosehill Park Hermes 5, Shanae McKay (Levin) ME Joy Ride II 6.

East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series (sponsored by Fiber Fresh): Tracy Mason (Napier) Kiwi Coco, Claire Wilson (Waipukurau) McMillans Swipe Right, Brigitte Smith (Taihape) Kiwi Capitol Hill, Charlotte Conder (Wellington) Centarosa, Ike Baker (Hawke’s Bay) Kiwi Captain, Jeremy Whale (Hampton Downs) Levi Xtreme, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Central Zone and Anneke van Rooyen (Taumarunui) Awaroa Geronimo = 1.

UltraMox Six-Year-Old Series (sponsored by Fiber Fresh): Melody Matheson (Havelock North) Cortaflex Giulia MH, Tanya Hansen (Taranaki) Ngahiwi Spector, Luce Williams (Masterton) Grassendale Enzo, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Central Edition, Tegan Fitzsimon (West Melton) LT Holst Harley, Ike Baker (Hawke’s Bay) Double J graduate, Ashley Hart (Hastings) Kiwi Royal and Kimberley Carrington (Takapau) Double J Typhoon = 1.

Matthews Hanoverians Seven-Year-Old Series (sponsored by Hatuma Lime): Jeremy Whale (Hampton Downs) Bannockburn ECPH 1, Lucy Olphert (Queenstown) Kiwi Strike 2, Samantha Carrington (Takapau) Double J Hurricane 3, Sophie Scott (Palmerston North) Benrose Casino ECPH 4, Julie Davey (Hastings) LT Holst Freda 5, Ashley Hart (Hastings) Kiwi Windfall 6.

Main-Events Tertiary Series: Ally Stevenson (Hastings) Fashion NZPH 1, Jenna-Lee Rose (Dannevirke) Lulu 2, Pippa Smyth (Dannevirke) Liberty KL 3, Sinead Smith (Palmerston North) Cravino STS 4, Samantha Megchelse Rata Mill Eclipse 5 , Emmie Mulinder (Hastings) Harry FL 6.

Show hunter, Bay of Plenty & Waikato Show Hunter Groups 12 & Under Equitation Series: Kate Procter (Palmerston North) Trevellyn Blue Bell 1, Zita Pedersen (Ashley Clinton) Beauty Queen 2, Lucy Oliver (Peka Peka) Mr Mika Choo 3, Regan Calder ( Norsewood) Bingley Emily 4, Eva Pedersen (Ashley Clinton) Uncommon Sense 5.

Hokonui Sport Horses Cat A High Points Series: Sophia Neale (Palmerston North) Petal 1, Sophia Neale (Palmerston North) Sonrise Essence 2, Poppy Tatham (Masterton) Nikau Rockstar 3, Lily Fenton (Stratford) Clovelly Fonteyn 4, Lily Kent (Waipawa ) Ataahua Rapture 5.

Fiber Fresh Cat B High Points Series: Poppy Tatham (Masterton) Wembleybrook O’Driscoll 1, Regan Calder (Norsewood) Bingley Emily 2, Lucy Oliver (Peka Peka) Mr Mika Choo 3, Kate Procter (Palmerston North) Trevellyn Blue Bell 4, Yulana Gloyn (North Palmerston) Rustabella 5.

Aniwell Cat C High Points Series (sponsored by Sea Horse Supplements): Bridie King (Pahiatua) Puketawa Celtic Legend 1, Wiremu Priest (Rotorua) Diva Las Vegas 2, Lottie Bull (Atiamuri) Out of the Mist 3, Annie Moffett (Napier) Carlton Royal Tiger 4, Sam Brooks (Gisborne) The Uncleger 5.

ESNZ Show Hunter Pony Equitation Series: Sofia Williams (Tinui) Grassendale Gin 1, Poppy Tatham (Masterton) Wembleybrook O’Driscoll 2, Bridie King (Pahiatua) Puketawa Celtic Legend 3, Wiremu Priest (Rotorua) Diva Las Vegas 4, Heidi Fenton ( ) Finnagen Sun N Air 5.

Sport Horse Junior High Points Series: Stephanie Schweizer (Rerewhakaaitu) CL After Dark 1, Jordan Blakeley (Otaki) Elation KCE 2, Sophie Hayes (Wellington) Moulin Rouge 3, Molly Pike (Marton) Zig Zag 4, Moana Papworth (Masterton) Tribesman’s Warrior 5.

Carousel Equestrian Amateur High Points Series: Antonio Matangi (Levin) Marua 1, Antonio Matangi (Levin) ShoeShine Polish 2, Gerardine Wood (Hawera) Burton 3, Diana Cottle (Levin) Travino 4, Antonio Matangi (Levin) My Delta 5.

Petticoat Lane Performance Horses Riding Series for Adult Riders: Diana Cottle (Levin) Travino 1, Antonio Matangi (Levin) ShoeShine Polish 2.

ESNZ Show Hunter Junior Equitation Series: Sophie Hayes (Wellington) Moulin Rouge 1, Leah Bibby (Waipukurau) Tiberus 2.

NRM Open Horse High Points Series: Jacqui Symes (Waipukurau) Takapoto Sienna 1, Rebecca Greaves (Pongaroa) Titoki 2, Anna Parsons (Havelock North) Snapchat Me 3.

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