Geneseo Equestrian Team Sends Riders to IHSA Regionals — The Lamron

The Geneseo Equestrian team has once again started its 2022-2023 season in impressive fashion. Led by longtime trainer Kim Sanford, each of their first four shows this year has resulted in a top five finish for the Knights and several riders qualified for the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Regionals in early April. With over half the season to go, Geneseo is looking to finish strong after their previous performances.

Their season began with three consecutive home shows, the first on October 29. The season opener was a very impressive outing for junior Sophia Azurin, who earned two first-place finishes. Their two wins were in both the Open Fences and Open Flat on the Saturday show. There were several other first-place finishes for Geneseo: junior Kerrianne Alpin, second Anna Schell and senior Cadence Mannino all qualified for IHSA Regionals with dazzling performances. Thanks to hard work from everyone, Geneseo finished third in their season opener.

The next show for the Knights was the next day at Leg Up Stables in Geneseo. Senior Samantha Shepard won the only blue ribbon for the Knights, with an impressive run in the middle flat. Azurin put in another notable performance with a pair of second place finishes in Open Flat and Open Over Fences. Second places were also awarded to second year Chloe Newcomb in her pre-novice flight and senior Katelyn Briel for her novice flight. Everyone’s contributions allowed Geneseo to finish fourth.

Saturday, November 5 marked the Knights’ final home show of the year, in which they placed fourth. Katelyn Briel, Teresa Gutierrez, Cadence Mannino and Samantha Shepard were all honored at the Geneseo Senior Day Show. Shepard led the charge with two first-place finishes in the Limit Fences and Intermediate Flat. Rookie Madeline Predmore took second place in Limit Fences, and Mannino also finished second in Limit Flat. Freshman Hailey Bilby also took second place in her introductory flight and graduate student Kristin Simon took third place in pre-novice.

Sunday was the first road show for the Knights, and it took place in Cazenovia. After an impressive performance the day before, Samantha Shepard earned another blue ribbon in Limit Over Fences, earning herself a qualifying spot for the IHSA Regionals this spring. Katelyn Briel also took first place in her Novice flight and will join her two teammates at Regionals. Gutierrez earned a second place in his novice flight and Simon earned third place in pre-novice. Alpin also took a third-place finish in Limit Over Fences to help push Geneseo to a fifth-place finish.

The season is far from over for the Knights, as they have five more shows before IHSA Zones on April 1. As there are no more home shows left, their next show will be in Cazenovia on November 19, two hours away for any Geneseo fans who want to show the riders a little support. After a great start so far, the Knights are looking to continue their success and complete another great season.

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