Gingerbread House honors Newburgh’s Bannerman Island

Give him the top prize! Stunning photos of a gingerbread replica of Bannerman’s Castle get the viral attention it deserves because it is a masterpiece.

I think it’s safe to say that gingerbread cookies aren’t the most popular cookies to eat. It is not for everyone. However, it is most people’s first choice for building small homes while on vacation.

Until recently, I thought making elaborate gingerbread houses was something people did as a family just for fun. I had no idea that there are legitimate gingerbread house making contests and that the people involved absolutely bring it.

A Hudson Valley resident was pleasantly surprised last weekend at the Peddler Village Gingerbread Pageant in New Hope, Pa. Looking at all of the beautiful entries, she came across one that looked extremely familiar.

A woman presented a miniature replica of Bannerman’s Castle to the competition and many are shocked that she didn’t win. Maybe you have to be from the Hudson Valley to really appreciate how cool Bannerman Castle is. The judges will appreciate him enough to award him an “honorable mention” ribbon.

See how fantastic and precise the coin is in the pictures below. He even has a boat. All he lacks is the Hudson River made of milk.

She even attached a photo of Bannerman’s Castle for reference.

Here is a real photo of the old armory.

I took the tour of the real Bannerman Castle and can barely see the difference. I think she got robbed.

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