Goodbye, the chances of rain and hello, the heat!


If you forgot it was summer (thanks to rain on Tuesday), temperatures yesterday in the mid-90s were a quick comeback to reality. We will be stuck in the reality of summer with high heat and humidity for a while. Thursday morning temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s will warm up through the upper mid-90s in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, the few early morning clouds we will see pass should not impact our temperatures and block the sun for too long or provide us with some rain. The humidity remains high today also thanks to the rain that we have seen in recent days and the values ​​of the heat index will rise to 107 ° this afternoon.

A heat advisory is in effect today, tomorrow and Saturday due to high humidity pushing heat index values ​​between 100 ° and 110 ° during the afternoon. Friday’s highs are expected to warm to near or even 100 °, with a heat index of up to 107 °. If we don’t hit triple digits on Friday, we certainly will on Saturday. Saturday highs range from 100 ° to 104 ° with a heat index reaching around 108 °. As the high pressure penetrates central Texas and subsides overhead, luckily the humidity will start to drop on Sunday and next week. With afternoon dew points in the 50s (for some) and 60s, the afternoon heat index values ​​will drop and should only be a few degrees above the actual temperature. Speaking of actual temperatures, the highs will hit near 104 ° Sunday and Monday, but drop to 103 ° Tuesday, 101 ° Wednesday, 100 ° Thursday, and then (hopefully) to upper 90 degrees next Friday and Saturday.

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