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I fully support the new idea for the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority and the State of Chattanooga to provide free bus rides for students and staff.

First, technical schools and colleges in our area – places that can provide quality education or skills for affordable and even free tuition – are an underutilized resource, making it even easier to access anyone who may need it.

And hey, have you been on a CARTA bus lately? It’s not like they’re going to have to fire someone to make room.

A holiday coat

Last year was COVID-19 Halloween. Insert some scary music.

This year we may be able to safely celebrate Halloween. Or maybe not. Who knows?

Well if you see a collection of people in overcoats lagging behind for candy, rest assured because this is not the latest version of Jessica Rabbit.

No, one of the hottest Halloween costumes right now is the Bernie Sanders overcoat in the image of him freezing his aged Vermont cheddar at last year’s unveiling.

It makes sense actually, in the sense that Halloween is a perfect tribute to Bernie and his socialist comrades: dress how you want, do next to nothing, and expect all your neighbors to give you free stuff. .

Horse sense

So, in addition to doing nothing to stop the border crisis, President Joe Biden is now making it harder for border patrol officers in Texas to do their jobs.

Due to the hubbub over some photos of officers on horseback – some allege officers used whips on migrants trying to cross the border, others say long strips of leather were the reins of horses – administration Biden has banned the use of horses by those patrolling our southern border. Little Vice President Kamala Harris said she was “deeply disturbed” by the footage.

Yes, the rest of the country is deeply troubled by the disaster that has become of our borders.

Obituary observation

It had been a long time since I had lost someone I knew well. It is a blessing.

But this week’s observation reads like someone we all have in our family or in our lives. Jamie Raines of Soddy-Daisy passed away this week. He was 48 years old.

He looks like the guy many of us see at the barber or Ace Hardware, or in Jamie’s case, where we take our cars.

A two-decade career with Marshal Mize Ford has made him an “expert in all things Ford”. But his personality was bigger than any job he did.

From obituary: “She was the person everyone felt comfortable confiding in and had a sense of humor that will never be matched. He was a patient, devoted and loving father and husband to his “beautiful ladies.” Jaime loved his family, music, movie quotes, mowing the lawn, and collecting vintage toys and lunch boxes. He liked his role of crazy uncle and played it well. He has never met a foreigner. He liked to help people because he liked to see people succeed. Jaime was so much more to so many people than one could ever list here. “

It sounds a lot like someone I knew growing up, and if I were to bet, someone you knew too. Prayers to the family; and if you will excuse me i have to call and see an old friend.

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