Guadalajara is home to many unusual Guinness World Records

Mexico has the most active Guinness World Records in Latin America, and Guadalajara contributes generously to the burgeoning list.

Have you ever wondered where the world’s largest simultaneous lasso whirlwind took place? It would be in Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico. This history-rich metropolis is the capital of Jalisco, a Mexican state with many “firsts”. Tequila was invented there, and it’s also the birthplace of mariachi and charreriathe local tradition of rodeo and horseback riding which became the national sport in 1933. Guadalajara features on many coveted lists, but perhaps the most surprising is the city’s collection of Guinness World Records.

From using 66 pounds of glue to create the world’s largest bead mosaic image to the largest gathering of lavishly adorned rodeo queens between the ages of 5 and 50, Guadalajara currently boasts a dozen Guinness World Records. Delightfully, many of these feats were performed during the annual International Mariachi and Charrería Festival to show off the city’s proud heritage. Read on for a chronological showcase of these outstanding achievements that make Guadalajara one of the best places to experience Mexican traditions.

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