Hermès nail polish is an exclusive, bottled


We’ve never looked down on our hands, sighed and wished our manicure matched our Birkin, but the wealthy will be delighted to hear that Hermes is launching a line of nail polish.

On October 15, the French house will expand its beauty footprint with a collection of 24 hairsprays, as well as nail brushes and other manicure tools that are reminiscent of the brand’s equestrian heritage (because the super rich want to treat their hands like horse hooves, apparently).

The crown jewel of the collection is a nail polish that reproduces the iconic orange hue of Hermès. The tangerine shade is also applied to what we can only assume to be the fanciest nail file around.

If Hermès is a fairly classic brand, one cannot help but wonder how it missed the opportunity to market its manicure line as unisex. Images for the upcoming line-up noticeably omit male and gender-non-conforming models, a confusing choice given the multitude of beauty brands – most recently YSL Beauty – scrambling to launch more inclusive marketing campaigns.

Plus, manicure tools don’t have the same gendered connotations as, say, eye shadow or lipstick. Expanding the line to a wider consumer base would seem like a pretty obvious – and profitable – decision, but alas, we’re not making the rules.

It’s pretty common these days for men to wear nail polish – A $ AP Rocky, Harry Styles, and Post Malone are just a few male celebrities who flaunt enviable manicures. Lil Yachty even launched his own nail polish brand, Crete, which boasts the Telfar-esque slogan, “For You. Not Them”.

Of course, much of Hermes’ DNA is built on exclusivity, which is essentially the only reason someone willingly spends over $ 10,000 on a Birkin bag. Hermès nail polish will set you back $ 45 a bottle – much more affordable than a Birkin, but still prohibitively expensive for a large population.

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