Horse sneakers sold for N2.1m Go Viral, Yeezy and Nike Involved

  • Online company offers horse enthusiasts and custodians the chance to rock their horses in designer shoes
  • Horse Kicks prides itself on being a pioneering online shoe store that exclusively sells designer horseshoes
  • Some designer shoes closely resemble Air Jordans and Yeezys and will cost a customer over half a million naira to buy

A company has chosen to bring style into the horse world by creating designer shoes.

A company designs horse sneakers that cost millions. Photo: horse kicks.
Source: UGC

horse kicks

The sneakers are designed by a Kentucky-based company that will charge customers 2.1 million naira ($5,000) for the full set of horseshoes.

Horse Kicks, the company behind the idea, is proud to be one of the pioneers of online shoe sales exclusively dedicated to horse shoes.

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According New York PostHorse Kicks offers a range of stylish brands such as Yeezys and Air Jordans.

Designer brands sell for 524,400 naira ($1,200) per hoof for riding, with shoe designer Marcus Floyd saying:

“These are wearable works of art designed on a medical horse boot and covered in repurposed sneakers.”

The shoes will be auctioned and 10% of the proceeds from the funds raised will be donated to charity.

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