Hot Shot of the WEEK! Cringe or a-okay: Shazia Manzoor x Alizeh Shah | Arch

Like, really guys. If you see the fall on a loop, it kinda seems like Shazia Manzoor is really mistreating Alizeh Shah, but then if you sit down and try to watch it impartially, it looks like Shazia Manzoor, maybe, just has the mechanics of it. adaptation of a jovial and rowdy aunt, who we assume is still called “Baby,” and can’t help but be a little inappropriate.

Why are we beating this dead horse? Because some women on social media are angry with Shazia Manzoor. And honestly, we don’t exactly blame them. We too have had this encounter when someone hugged us too long, literally shoved us, pulled our hand or cheek uncomfortably. Just because a woman does that doesn’t make it okay. Everyone has the right to the limit they want to erect around their personal space, regardless of their gender.

To her credit, Alizeh Shah looked quite fine and careless even when Shazia Manzoor rocked her, and to Manzoor’s honor, we think she could have been that extra because she was embarrassed on behalf of Shah.

But maybe what’s needed right now, in the realm of a fashion or beauty related show, is to establish an SOP on things like this. So if someone stumbles and falls, what should the immediate reaction be? Are you authorized to help them? Does everyone get rid of it and laugh, or does it go out quietly? There has been talk time and time again about the missteps that have been made on the ramps, ranging from ill-fitting shoes to too many smiles and signs from the model to her friends, to uncleaned fingernails and toenails. And yes, from time to time people fall. Unlike just three years ago, everything can be recorded, downloaded and gained traction in minutes, if not seconds. In addition, the view of the world in Pakistan as a whole – as well as within online communities – has changed dramatically. Not everything needs to be looked at in depth, but in a production like a fashion show or an awards show, there can be guidelines, dos and don’ts. This should help to react inappropriately to sudden incidents / accidents and also ensure the safety of each individual’s personal space, even when collaborating on a public stage.

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