How to dress vintage in cold weather for women


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As the colder months begin to take shape, it can be difficult to struggle against the temptation to reach for those reliable, bulky layers to avoid the cold.

But while the summer months are all about light cottons and finer fabrics to keep you light and airy while looking the piece, winter is for chunky wools, underlays and cut-out outerwear. clean, flattering shapes while maintaining that vintage aesthetic.

However, it can be difficult to find the right components. From hot women’s vintage dresses that always give you an extra layer of warmth, to stylish coats that don’t overwhelm you, it’s all about finding the right fit and fabric.

That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you complete your wardrobe this winter, so you can stick to your favorite vintage shapes and silhouettes without compromising on your style.

Wearing wool

The importance of the materials your clothes are made of cannot be overstated!

Being one of the most naturally insulating fabrics, wool is the ideal material for winter clothing. So why not try out some woolen pieces from the 40s and 50s to add some flair to your looks? You will wonder what you did before them!

Try a warm woolen women’s vintage dress for a stylish yet warm outfit. Pair it with a classic white shirt for an outfit that will never go out of style – literally. Pinafore style dresses are also an incredibly versatile layer that you can wear under a stylish coat, jacket, or even a cape.

Underlayments, everywhere

Investing in some warm underwear is definitely one of the best things you can do for yourself this season.

Wearing tights can also provide a vital extra layer of warmth during the colder months – and those with beautiful patterns look great with your vintage-style womens suits and skirts! The warmth that pantyhose or stockings provide can be deceptive, but you will definitely feel a lot warmer wearing them, and you will look out of the room too.

Plus, shopping for items like outdoor leggings and thermal layers that are designed to be seamless yet warm is also a great way to stay cool without changing your figure. An outdoor or horse riding store specifically offers warm and thermal items designed to fit the body perfectly, offering imperceptible yet incredibly insulating layers.

Did we say heading?

These make amazing alternatives to tailored or oversized coats during the colder months – because of their shape and style. They are perfectly designed to create space around your body while being made of an insulating material to trap heat.

You can also shop for vintage-inspired capes, for an authentic but slightly more affordable vintage-style womenswear deal that includes these amazing garments.

Why not pair your cape with a vintage muff and winter gloves for an all-vintage-inspired ensemble?


The stole really has Fly our hearts when it comes to vintage womens clothing for winter.

In addition, faux fur stoles are now widely available, as an alternative to the traditional use of fur.

The stole is a great addition to any outfit, providing an undeniable element of old Hollywood glamor. Many coats from the 1920s sported a huge collar, which replaced a hat or scarf, creating a seamless look without letting you go cold.

You can find many alternatives to faux fur by digging a little, which you can even turn into a removable collar for your favorite vintage coats.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the additions you can make to your winter wardrobe! Everyone has a unique style, even when it comes to a specific era like vintage fashion – so it is possible that you can find the perfect way to stay warm during the colder months without saying goodbye to your favorite outfits.

Try a few variations, wear a long, warm woolen skirt rather than one of the insanely warm vintage ladies’ dresses on offer, for a change. Try a tailored coat with thermal underwear to add an undetectable layer – to get the most out of your thinner coats!

Don’t want a stole? Why not try some earmuffs? If you’re not a fan of capes, find a well-designed vintage-style jacket or coat to create that layer of warmth. And don’t forget, spring is only a few months away!


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