I Asked My Friends What They Thought About These 5 Fall Fashion Trends – Here’s What They Said

Staying on the trend can be risky business. Either throw your hard-earned cash on a quality piece of clothing that you could wear multiple times, or go for fast fashion and try a seasonal trend without breaking the bank. But fast fashion has its fair share of flaws (as well as shocking strengths), so while you’re evaluating what fall trends you could embrace this year, I thought I’d get some outside opinions on the matter for help you decide on your next additions to your fall wardrobe. Needless to say, you have the freedom to wear whatever you want, but isn’t it fun to know what men think of our fashion choices (whether we let that influence our choices or not)?

I again asked for the support of my friends to give us insight into the male psyche. Here are their hottest takes on five of the most talked about trends for Fall 2022.

1. Bomber jackets

Dressing for “between seasons” can be tricky if you don’t have a good layer to layer over your daytime look. The bomber jacket solves this dilemma, as they range from lightweight to thick and sturdy. Whether you go for an academic look or still love the Superior gun The bomber fever that gripped us all earlier this year, bomber jackets are this season’s go-to layer of outerwear.

But is the silhouette better suited to the sky? For the most part the guys were indifferent. Some of them thought they could be cute if styled right, but honestly the verdict was as lukewarm as a forgotten PSL.

One man said he thinks it’s “a bit cringe-worthy” when women pair big jackets like bombers with little dresses. We may be trying to cleverly layer a flattering garment under a big loose jacket so we can enjoy the best of both worlds, but that logic could get lost on a guy.

Bomber jackets are an off-duty staple for sporty street style worn by women who often rock a masculine figure like Bella Hadid. When done right, we’re fans of their cool fall weather versatility, and it looks like the guys are pretty cool with them too.

“These can be cute, but are still too masculine,” another of the guys shared. “Like berets, trench coats, boots, they are good if they accentuate a woman’s femininity because they are masculine clothes.”

2. Thigh high boots

Overwhelmingly, my guy friends love the look of over-the-knee boots. Some called them “ten out of ten” shoe options, while others called them “very attractive”, “f*cking sexy” and “really hot”.

“They’re not called ‘kinky boots’ for nothing,” one of the guys explained. “Like other clothes tailored for men, they are used to change a woman’s figure.”

Another man said he thought these boots were nice because he loves legs, so having them accented nicely is something he’s a fan of. Let’s all hope he hasn’t seen Rihanna’s thigh high boots because he might change his mind.

As the sun sets earlier and warmer days fade, over-the-knee boots can be functional enough to keep your body warm while not committing you to full winter gear yet. Our “kinky boots” friend also raised a level of skepticism about this trend and hinted that they could be mistaken for a riding outfit.

“Wear them with jodhpurs and a jacket because you’re at an equestrian event, or don’t wear them,” he remarked.

3. Corsets

Historically worn to support our busts and give our torsos a more curvaceous appearance, corsets are generally considered underwear. In 2022, you’d think the provocative meaning behind the corset is long gone, as women opt to showcase corsets rather than wear them under their clothes, but that’s clearly not the case according to the guys.

“It looks good but also communicates promiscuity,” one guy shared. He wasn’t alone: ​​A few other men expressed their belief that corsets make you “look like a prostitute” since the garment was once considered lingerie.

That said, many men thought the trend was attractive. One of them even said “yes please”, he would “die of happiness” if his girlfriend wore a corset as a shirt.

Another guy shared that he thought corsets for the fall season seemed a little silly because of the fall breeze and because he thought it would only work with certain body types and body sizes. chest.

So is the answer to wear a diaper over a corset? As revealed above, we know men aren’t totally enthusiastic about bomber jackets, so maybe we should get creative. What if women wore corsets… over a shirt?

This is where things got a little dicey. Most men weren’t big fans of this look because they associate corsets with being under a shirt or think it looks like a woman is trying too hard.

“Reminds me of a pirate,” admitted one of the guys. “Pirates are cool, but not very fashionable since scurvy took them.”

Overall result? There are stylish ways to appreciate a corset-style shirt, but you have to be aware of how suggestive the rest of the outfit is…or what you’re giving off to Elizabeth Swann in Dead Man’s Chest vibes.

4. Clogs

The fashion industry’s view of a clog is quite a far cry from the original shoe type. Classically made entirely or partially of wood, clogs were shoes for protection or intended for dancing and often evoke European imagery. Clogs were once meant to look like them, but nowadays clogs are mostly worn for fashion.

Men are naturally torn by hooves. I got two downright “WTF” reactions from men who didn’t know they existed, one “ugly” comment, and resounding indifference from the others.

“I don’t like these but I guess they can be nice depending on the style,” one guy shared. “They definitely don’t ‘wow’ me like other shoes would.”

It’s safe to assume he probably means high heels, because we know it’s a man’s nature to love that look.

“Seems like open-heeled shoes are a weird answer to open-toed shoes,” said another man explaining his confusion with the clog. “I’m not sure why so many people are into them, especially considering their high price and impracticality for fall weather.”

Touché… Clogs are quite bulky, uncomfortable and disrupt the otherwise feminine lines of our outfits!

5. Leather pants

Unsurprisingly, most men liked the look of leather. While some women choose faux leather for ethical reasons or for their own comfort, wearing leather looks is a surefire way to add an edge to your personal style.

“The leather isn’t easy to pull off, but I think the look can be both edgy and professional, depending on how the rest of the outfit is styled,” one guy shared.

But are all leather looks made the same? A few men have shared that while they find leather pants attractive, they think women look better with skin-tight leather rather than a looser fit, flared leg, or straight-leg silhouette with more detail. space around the ankles.

A few men weren’t impressed with the leather-wrapped legs, ranging from thinking they’re “basic” to thinking they’re way too promiscuous and hardly a utilitarian wardrobe staple.

“I’m concerned about his comfort,” one of the guys said after watching the example. “Looks like she might overheat and lose some range of motion.”

Alright, what looks would men see us in instead?

Despite new trends trying to shake up what we think of as fall fashion, men are mostly into the classics.

“When I think of fall, I just think of practical jackets and sweaters, not corsets like shirts or weird jackets over little dresses,” one of the guys said. “There’s a way to ‘fall’ in an understated and practical way while still being fashionable and attractive,” another guy shared.

The “chef’s kiss” of fall fashion, according to my friends, is our tried-and-true must-have: a feminine sweater. While men certainly love a woman’s silhouette, there’s something about a well-draped sweater that many of them have hinted at preferring during the colder months.

“I’m a sucker for the oversized sweater. For some reason this reminds me of myself giving my girlfriend sweaters that always fit her too big,” said one of my friends. My guess? Maybe they’re just tired of us complaining about always being cold!

Some notable fall fashion favorites that guys mentioned as preferring this season’s trends include button-up tops, skirts, and boots. Overall, a more subtle approach to seasonal fashion seems to be the general sentiment, with one of the men eloquently concluding that he thinks “women should just try to let their feminine sweetness shine through in a natural way, giving little attention to modern trends.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, if you want to try a trend, you have every right to experiment! If you live in the West, we have the unique chance to choose the clothes we want to wear and we should relish the pleasure of discovering our personal style. That said, we need to be aware of what clothes really honor our female bodies, what we look our best in, and what looks represent how we want others to perceive us.

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