Iconic Footwear Brand Sam Edelman Launches First Beauty Product


You might have walked the streets in Sam Edelman’s ever-fashionable kicks, but now you’ll feel the mark too. Presentation Signature of Sam Edelman ($ 68), the brand’s very first eau de parfum.

Available for purchase from September 15th, this fragrance has a special way to transport us on vacation, and all thanks to top notes of mimosa accord and airy flowers, heart notes of margarita foam. and green florals and base notes of heartwood and sandalwood.

“The notes are undeniably unique and share the same irreverence and whimsy as the brand, while capturing important characteristics of our heritage,” co-founder Sam Edelman tells exclusively NewBeauty. “The margarita foam and green flowers come from green colored substances, just like our own signature pantone. Wood is another important note and an element that is often reflected in the brand’s ethics with our equestrian influences, craftsmanship and architectural design inspiration.

Beautifully molded into the shape of a high heel, raw materials were used to design the sculpture-like upper and base. According to the brand, the idea behind the design was to embody the modern elegance that is so vital to their label. On the other hand, the engineering that took place inside the bottle involved fragrance designer Raymond Matts, who worked alongside The Principe perfumer from Firmenich Frank Voelkl to create the fragrance. As the brand says, spraying this scent should evoke a sense of empowerment, akin to the feeling of going out in a pair of heels.

“As a designer, I only think of my love to share the many places, people and things that have inspired me throughout my career, to tell my story,” says Edelman. “To me, scent is inclusive and timeless, but in a very different way from how a designer tells their story through clothes and shoes. While he has compiled years of inspiration in this bottle, his journey to create begins with his wife and brand co-founder, Libby Edelman. “She embodies the effortless elegance, the spirit of well-being and the ambitious style that I convey in fashion and now in perfume.

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