In the midst of the battle against cancer, Shannen Doherty “will keep fighting to stay alive”


Shannen Doherty is battling stage 4 breast cancer, but she doesn’t let that dictate the way she lives her life, which is why she bristles at the idea of ​​a “bucket list.”

“I never want to operate [like I’m dying]”she said on” Good Morning America “Oct. 4.” I like to think of them as goals because a bucket almost looks like those things you check off before you die. I just want to operate because I have nothing to check because I will continue to fight to stay alive. “

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The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star was first diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015, but two years later she happily announced she was in remission. However, in February 2020, the actress revealed that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Still, Shannen tried to keep busy with her work and family time.

“I live life. I spend a lot of time with my friends and family and I work,” said Shannen, who has two Lifetime movies debuting this month. “I think the job has always been rewarding for me, but in a way it has become even more rewarding.”

“A lot of people who are diagnosed with stage 4 are kind of written off,” she continued. “It is assumed that they cannot work or that they cannot work to their full capacity, and that is not true. This is something that I would really like people to stop assuming and give us. a chance to prove them wrong. “

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The “Charmed” alum, on the whole, is doing well, as it is on its “first protocol”, which the National Cancer Institute defines as a “detailed plan of a scientific or medical experiment, of a treatment. or a procedure “.

“It’s kind of like you just want to make your protocols last as long as possible so you don’t run out,” Shannen said.

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