J.Crew’s 22 Best Christmas Gifts of 2022

If there’s one retailer our readers love, it’s J.Crew.

How can you not love the retailer? It has something for everyone – from your wife to your brother – and even has options for little girls and boys.

We’ve rounded up the 22 best J.Crew holiday gifts to buy right now. Whether you have an e-gift card to spend or are looking for a pair of J.Crew pajamas (some of the best on the market), look no further than our exclusive selection.

From experience, its huge shoe selection is worth looking at, as well as its sleek sport coats, plush puffer jackets, and unbeatable dress pants.

Ahead, check out our top picks. Truly, we recommend them year round and shop with you.

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Gifts for men

1. J.Crew Slim Untucked Secret Wash Cotton Poplin Shirt, $43-$80


Without fail, we buy a Slim Untucked Secret Wash cotton poplin shirt that ends up in our shopping cart. For under $100, this shirt is perfect for dinner parties, fall festivities, and holiday parties. Plus, it’s versatile for working with a pair of chinos.

2. J.Crew Cotton Milano-Stitch Hoodie, $82, RRP: $138

Milano Stitch Cotton Hoodie

Elevate your man’s wardrobe with the cotton Milan stitch hoodie. Right now it’s less than $100 and it’s Great soft with its 100% cotton construction.

3. J.Crew Ludlow Wool and Cashmere Overcoat, $250, original price: $498

Ludlow wool and cashmere overcoat

As the colder months approach, the Ludlow Wool-Cashmere Overcoat is a no-brainer. Not only does it look sharp, but it’s ideal for business trips or future vacation trips.

4. J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Italian Leather Denim Belt, $98

Wallace & Barnes Italian Leather Denim Belt

The Wallace & Barnes Italian Leather Denim Belt is something practical that makes sense to invest in. It also comes in black and can be dressed up or down (especially with a great men’s tie).

5. J.Crew Epperson Mountaineering Big Pack, $210

Epperson Mountaineering Large Climbing Bag

Do you know a hiking enthusiast? We’re obsessed with this colorful tote bag that’s ideal for any outdoor or adventure lover. In addition, its nylon coated design is of the best quality.

6. J.Crew Rugged Merino Wool Half-Zip Cable-Knit Sweater, $128

Heavy-Duty Merino Wool Half-Zip Cable Knit Sweater

As J.Crew’s bestseller, the Heavy-Duty Merino Wool Half-Zip Cable Knit Sweater is the one we keep recommending. We bought it for our dads, boyfriends and brothers and we can’t help but love it.

7. J.Crew English Merino Wool Scarf, $98

English merino wool scarf

The English Merino Wool Scarf has a unique moody pattern that everyone will love, especially with its two-tone plaid and plaid print. Plus, the fringe detail makes this a great staple winter accessory for under $100.

Gifts for women

1. J.Crew New Chateau Puffer Coat, $248-$448

New Chateau quilted coat

How stunning is the J.Crew New Chateau Puffer Coat? It’s available in a bunch of colors, helps you stay toasty warm, and looks great with your best winter sweater. Plus, it’s sure to earn you compliments all season long.

2. J.Crew End-on-End Cotton Short Sleeve Pajama Set, $66-$90

End-on-End Cotton Short Sleeve Pajamas

The End-on-End Cotton Short Sleeve Pajama Set is a J.Crew bestseller that makes a great gift (especially if the woman you know is on the hunt for some new pajamas). In a pile of dreamy pastels, you’ll want to drift into these ZZZs.

3. J.Crew Super Soft Yarn Ribbed Mock Neck Sweater, $98

Ribbed jumper in super soft yarn with a high neck

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a good turtleneck sweater. For under $100, the Ribbed Mock Neck Super Soft Yarn Sweater lives up to its name (hence “super soft yarn”) and looks spectacular with a pair of jeans.

4. J.Crew Ribbed Cashmere Scarf, $178

Ribbed cashmere scarf

For a beautiful splurge, the ribbed cashmere scarf is worth making. Its decadent plush material is one that makes a perfect gift, whether for yourself or your best friend.

Plus, it pairs well with any of the cashmere sweaters we’ve rounded up.

5. J.Crew Sadie Knee High Leather Boots, $348

Sadie Knee-High Leather Boots

The Sadie knee-high leather boots are the ones we’ve been eyeing, probably because they hold that equestrian aesthetic we all know and love. If you like minimalist and high quality fashion, buy these as soon as possible.

6. J.Crew Italian Stadium-Cloth Wool Villa Coat, $340-$375

Villa coat in wool and Italian stadium fabric

Elle Woods is calling, and she wants her pea coat back. J.Crew’s Italian Stadium-Cloth Wool Villa Coat is under $400, comes in other rich colors and has an exaggerated collar we swoon over.

For more options, check out our guide to trench coats and winter coats.

7. J.Crew Bungalow Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $70

Bungalow cat-eye sunglasses

No need for designer sunglasses (although we love them). With J.Crew’s Bungalow Cat-Eye Sunglasses, they cost less than $75 and seem to cost over $1,000. With a trendy cat-eye design, it’s a worthwhile purchase.

8. J.Crew Vienna Lady Patent Leather Bag, $140, original price: $248

Vienna Lady bag in patent leather

Stop what you’re doing and grab a sultry patent leather bag. For the little black bag you’ll need in your wardrobe (to match your little black dresses, of course), this is a must-have to have (and gift)!

9. J.Crew Italian City Wool Willa Blazer, $278

City Italian Wool Willa Blazer

We all need a good blazer in our lives, and the City Italian Wool Willa Blazer from J.Crew is like an answer to prayer. It’s also a best-seller and a must-have for your 9-to-5 and after-work drinks.

Gifts for Boys

1. J.Crew Kids Relaxed Fit Lightweight Flannel Shirt, $33, original price: $60

Relaxed Fit Lightweight Flannel Shirt for Kids

What’s not to love about this relaxed fit lightweight flannel shirt for kids? For under $50 right now, the versatile option comes in a bunch of colorways and patterns and looks great with some of J.Crew’s kids’ essentials.

2. J.Crew Boys Stretch Chinos, $27-$55

Boys Stretch Chinos

How adorable are these stretch chinos for boys? Preppy and classic, all of these tones are wonderful to keep at bay in your wardrobe. With boys clothing at J.Crew, get ready to have one of the freshest outfits around.

3. J.Crew Kids Suede MacAlister Boots, $108

Kids' MacAlister Suede J.Crew Boots

How adorable are J.Crew’s MacAlister suede boots for the kid you know? Available in fresh new colors, the pair is perfect for school or for the next holiday event on your calendar.

Gifts for girls

1. Girls J.Crew Lugged Sole Boots with Glitter Heel, $50, original price: $90

Lugged Sole Glitter Heel Ankle Boots for Girls

For the little girl on your list, shop the GIrls’ Lug-Sole Boots with a Glitter Heel. They come in a variety of shades and have that bit of pizzazz at the bottom for just $50.

2. J.Crew Girls’ PrimaLoft Quilted Jacket, $90, original price: $178

Girls PrimaLoft Down Jacket

Looking for one of the best winter coats for kids? The Girls’ PrimaLoft Quilted Jacket from J.Crew is the perfect two-tone outerwear, finished with gold buttons and a fur hood.

3. Girls J.Crew Cable Knit Sweater, $60

J.Crew Girls' Heart Cable Knit Sweater

As a J.Crew bestseller, the Girls Heart Cable-Knit Sweater is the perfect addition to your holiday shopping list. It is available in a range of colors and is a winter staple.

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