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Jaime Xie is making her presence known, both in the fashion world and on “Bling Empire”.

The socialite heiress, who is the eldest scion of tech billionaire Ken Xie, has been making waves lately, touring the fashion week circuit in Paris and Milan while making a name for herself in the Netflix reality series.

While her appearances on the first season of ‘Bling Empire’ were limited due to scheduling conflicts, the 24-year-old says viewers can expect a lot more from her in the new season, which kicked off on Friday. .

“[Season two will have] lots of outfits and lots more fashion, nails, hair and everything,” Xie told WWD. “I had a lot of fun filming. Also because of the COVID[-19]there was no travel.

Although it seems that Xie was born to thrive in the fashion industry, attending shows like Balenciaga, Alexandre Vauthier, Balmain, Versace, Off-White, Schiaparelli and others, she admitted that she doesn’t got involved only recently.

For most of her life, Xie has been preoccupied with her equestrian career, traveling nationally for tournaments and competing with Eve Jobs, the daughter of the late Steve Jobs. She had been attending fashion shows since she was 17, but was still figuring out exactly what she wanted to do as a career.

Then she realized she liked fashion more than she liked horses.

“It became my everything,” Xie said. “I became obsessed with looking at photos online, back when it was called Style.com or Vogue Runway and all those things. Instagram was becoming a thing and I loved looking at the collections and the clothes. I was looking every week for fashion, everything.

Xie’s penchant for fashion is reflected in the second season of “Bling Empire,” in which many of her cast members didn’t seem to hold back when it came to dressing. Some of her favorite looks include a bright green and blue ruffled two-piece set by Tomo Koizumi (which she also wore to the 2021 Art + Film gala at LACMA) and a neon orange velvet dress by Christopher John Rogers which she teamed with fluorescent green Amina Muaddi pumps and a micro Fendi bag.

Although her favorite outfits are vibrant, Xie actually describes her go-to style quite the opposite, although she loves both sides of the color spectrum. What she tends to wear just depends on her mood.

“I love Rick Owens, Balenciaga and Mugler – those are my favorite brands right now. These pieces lean towards the darker, more edgy side,” Xie said. wear anything and everything I think looks good on me. I don’t like to put myself in a box. I just like to wear what looks cool. It’s definitely more towards the bolder, maybe not necessarily dark, but just weird and funky stuff sometimes.

If she likes the big luxury fashion houses, she also likes the pieces of more emerging designers, such as Masha Popova, Didu, Lēo, Kimhekim and Ottolinger, among others, which she wore in abundance during the second season of the show.

“I really like pieces that are special or simply different. Not stuff you would see at Neiman or anything like that, you know,” Xie said.

The heiress, who dresses for the show and has done so all her life, also mentioned that she has incorporated vintage pieces into her outfits this season. Finding good vintage online was a hobby she picked up during the pandemic lockdown, browsing sites such as Vestiaire Collection, The RealReal and eBay.

Jaime Xie and Dorothy Wang in the second season of “Bling Empire”.

Jamie Xie in episode 7

Jaime Xie in the first season of “Bling Empire”.
Courtesy of Netflix

Like the other “Bling Empire” cast members, Xie is meaningful with her outfits, reflecting not only her personality but also the importance of having fun when it comes to clothes and putting them together.

“I hope people can see that fashion is fun,” Xie said. “I think it’s also important to know how to style your hair properly. But I think it’s important to just wear what makes you feel good and look good, and that can be a very different variety of things.

When “Bling Empire” premiered on Netflix last year, the reality series made waves for its all-Asian cast, their over-the-top luxurious lives in Los Angeles as well as dramatic storylines and fashion, some viewers drawing comparisons to the 2018 hit romantic comedy “Crazy Rich Asians.”

The second season sees the return of Xie, alongside Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, Kevin Kreider, Kelly Mi Li, Kim Lee, Anna Shay and Gabriel Chiu, while welcoming newcomer philanthropist and influencer Mimi Morris and a face familiar in the world. -heiress Dorothy Wang, who starred in “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” on E!


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