Jeremy Irons dresses up Lady Gaga on the “House of Gucci” red carpet


The Gucci House the actors walked the red carpet for the film’s London premiere, and naturally Lady Gaga served.

More unexpectedly, however, actor Jeremy Irons pulled off an equally striking, albeit slightly glamorous, look.

The 73-year-old attended the premiere in a pea coat and thin scarf – her favorite accessory, it seems – worn over a waistcoat and pants tucked into his socks and combat boots. An iPhone 8 casually tucked into his jacket completes the look.

Irons, who plays Rodolfo Gucci (Maurizio Gucci’s father), is best known for his roles in Brideshead revisited and Lolita than her sartorial prowess, making her appearance on the red carpet all the more delightful.

I’d take a look at the fact that Irons doesn’t work with a stylist, a risky move few celebrities can pull off without looking schlubby.

The visible socks, the scuffed boots, the old smartphone tucked into his jacket give the outfit a carefree “DGAF” which makes it undoubtedly cooler than the more polished stars of the night, like the very conservative adapted Adam Pilot.

The fit contrasted sharply with the other red carpet looks from the premiere, almost all provided by the IRL House of Gucci.

Jared Leto coordinated his blue Gucci suit with his eyes, Salma Hayek shone in a gold Gucci dress; and Ms. Gaga bet it all on platform boots, fishnet thigh-high boots and a flowing, sheer dress from Gucci’s “Love Parade” show.

It’s not entirely clear whether Irons’ outfit retained the capital G theme of the night. Considering his broken appearance, I guess he’s turned into a thug.

Her ensemble follows in the footsteps of Bernie Sanders’ inaugural outfit, delightfully laid back in the face of a slew of ultra-formal postures – a win in my book.

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