Joey Wölffer talks about his work style and pandemic dressing


Joey Wolffer does the most, but in the best possible way. As co-owner of Wölffer Estate Vineyard (you might recognize their iconic rose-print bottles with floral prints), co-owner of Wölffer Stables, co-owner of Wölffer Kitchen and founder of her eponymous boutique in Sag Harbor, New York, she has her hands full. , it’s the least we can say.

After years of working in the family wine business, she gradually took it over; Around the same time, in 2010, she opened her own fashion store using a truck called the Styleliner. The popular mobile shopping destination (now used for trunk shows) ultimately led to a physical and online store, as well as multiple pop-ups across the country. As a trend director and shopper for her store, she sharpened her taste for eclectic limited-edition pieces that ensure her shoppers feel unique and confident. She has also launched her own clothing collection, called Joey Wölffer Reworked, which incorporates fabric from overstock items into unique new designs. It couldn’t be more Joey.

Wölffer in front of the Styleliner wheel shop.

Courtesy of Joey Wölffer

On the tenth anniversary of her store, the pandemic struck – “the saddest anniversary” of all time, she says – but it hasn’t slowed her down. She has taken this time to be with her husband and two young children (ages 3 and 5) and keeps a virtual tab on her business, which she currently runs from sunny Florida until the seasonal business reboots. . After hosting a successful Palm Beach pop-up in February, Wölffer is optimistic about women’s desire for a comfortable yet exciting wardrobe for their re-entry into the regular world without a quote. “For a year I heard, ‘where am I going? I won’t buy this’ but now I feel like people are ready [to shop]. This is the most positive thing I have seen for retail in general. It was tough, a lot of the stores didn’t survive and we feel so lucky to be where we are. “

Below, Wölffer shares her own style philosophy: her love of equestrian clothing, her passion for contrasting prints and why she loves a great sundress. He expresses his celebratory mantra of individuality: “Every time someone walks into my store, I’m like, ‘Please dress for yourself.’ It’s my aim. I want you to leave my store looking like no one else. ”

Joey wolffer
The entrepreneur in his signature printouts.

Courtesy of Joey Wölffer

Her morning routine:

I walk the dog with the children. Then I have breakfast, [get the kids settled] for school (one is learning pods and the other is a tutoring program), then I go horseback riding. Then I go to the “office” (which is in my barn!) And I surrender. Finally, I return to horseback riding or to my children.

Her dressing process:

We are from Long Island and our winters are calm there because our activity is more seasonal. With the pandemic, we thought, Why not move to Florida and be in the sun? Basically I only wear summer dresses because they are easy to put on. I mainly wear dresses, skirts and t-shirts. I am in my thirties and with two small children I cannot create a look every day. He possesses be easy.

Her favorite sportswear:

My hobby / passion / obsession / unhealthy obsession side is [the equestrian event] jumping. It’s very active for me. I tailor meetings to my constituency schedule and vice versa. I wear my riding clothes a lot; my favorites are from a French brand called Dada Sport. It’s kind of athleticism but fashion. I am very comfortable in riding clothes because I have been riding since I was six years old. They are also quite resistant to the sun which is good for me as I tend to burn.

Joey wolffer
Wölffer in full driving mode.

Courtesy of Joey Wölffer

His benchmark uniform:

I like to be comfortable, which is why I’ve been in skirts lately. After having babies I want to show my body more so I’m going to wear a nice fitted t-shirt with a great vintage skirt. My favorite designer is Dries Van Noten and my secret – which after sharing here isn’t that secret – is shopping at; they have the best [used] Dry the collection. I really like to be comfortable but chic. And not recognizable. Unless it’s my own brand, I don’t want people to know what I’m wearing.

His style evolution:

I’m definitely more buttoned up as I get older and think that’s normal. Before COVID, there was a lot of interest in the trends. How is it the dress of the moment or is it the look of the moment, and we’re all going to be alike. Now we’ve had a year to [really think about] what’s important and who do we want to be after that. Hope people dress for themselves and wear what makes them feel good, not because someone else is wearing it.

Joey wolffer
Dressing easily doesn’t have to be bland or boring, as Wölffer demonstrates in this vibrant print dress.

Courtesy of Joey Wölffer

His lasting state of mind:

I didn’t go to buying school or merchandising school, so I figured it out as I went along. As a buyer I would end up with excess inventory, which I would sell for sale, but then I thought, I’d rather not sell this for $ 10, I’d rather use these amazing fabrics. So I started recycling fabrics and making my own stuff. Last year I made these cute white t-shirts with a ruffle sleeve made from recycled fabrics. The idea is that you can wear it anytime, any day and feel comfortable. It’s cute and it’s fancy.

Joey wolffer
One of the recycled fabric t-shirts from his Joey Wölffer Reworked line.

Courtesy of Joey Wölffer

Her favorite vintage find:

My favorite vintage piece that I have doesn’t have a name, but it does have an amazing feel to it. This is something I got from Morphew [a New York vintage store]. This is the most spectacular dress. It’s floor length and it’s so inconvenient so I only wore it twice. My favorite way to shop is vintage. Now it’s been a little harder [to shop in person] so I got very good at shopping on Etsy. I love vintage because it’s unique and durable. I hope that mass production of clothing stops after the pandemic, and that we don’t have eighteen brands doing the same look trying to compete with each other. Its not my style.

Joey wolffer
Joey in her “most spectacular” vintage print dress to finish off all the print dresses.

Courtesy of Joey Wölffer

What she will not keep from the pandemic bandage:

I give away my sweatpants as soon as it’s all over! This is the first thing I do. I don’t want to see sweatpants again. I had these Clare V leopards that I could cope with, but other than that, no! I want to dress comfortably, but I don’t want to take this with me. I’m not against if you want to do it, but I can never look at myself in a pair of sweatpants ever again.

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