Kate Middleton has a new favorite brand – and it’s that British label under the radar


Going out at the screening at the wheel of Disney’s last week Cruel, the Duchess of Cambridge’s secret weapon was a purple and green tartan coat (along with earrings borrowed from the Queen) by Holland Cooper. And it’s not the first time she’s worn something from the traditional brand.

Earlier on the royal tour of Scotland, Middleton wore another of the brand’s blazer, this time a double-breasted model in black twill, which is still available for £ 549.

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Founded in 2008 by Jade Holland Cooper, wife of the owner of Superdry, the brand has set the standard for classic equestrian styling and tweed (British-made, of course) – sought after for its approach of combining country and city design. – tailor-made style. The collection started with simple tweed separate pieces and quickly evolved into bespoke clothing, iconic wardrobe basics and on-trend coats – like this one preferred by the Duchess.

Last fall Holland Cooper launched a collection with Victoria Magrath from The Frow, and now the second edition for spring / summer has just dropped. In addition to the pointy double-breasted blazers – one pale pink, one camel and both with contrasting fabric under the lapels so they can be rolled up for a touch of print – the partnership also resulted in two sleeveless blazer dresses. that could be worn in multiple ways (buttoned up with barely there sandals for a night out, maybe, or worn open over a shirt dress to get ready to head back to the office.

Shop for the brand’s best buys now, before the Duchess of Cambridge gets ahead of you.

SHOP NOW: Holland Cooper’s Best Buys

Holland Cooper, full length Marlborough trench coat, £ 849

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Holland Cooper, Chelsea Wellington short-close, £ 115

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Holland Cooper, country crewneck knit, £ 125

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Holland Cooper, umbrella, £ 45

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Holland Cooper, the Jessica wool hat, £ 149

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Holland Cooper, campaign vest, £ 449

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Holland Cooper, Double breasted blazer, £ 549

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Holland Cooper, gardening moccasins, £ 79

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