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A 1992 photo of Lady Kitty Spencer as a child was shared on social media, revealing a shocking resemblance between her and Princess Charlotte, 6. Lady Kitty Spencer is the eldest child of Earl Spencer and Victoria Aitken, making her the niece and first cousin of Princess Diana. to Prince William and Prince Harry.

In the image shared on Instagram, Lady Kitty is sitting on a horse wearing a riding helmet.

The Instagram post read: “The Lexus Melbourne Cup here we are !! Channeling my inner jockey since 1992!

People were quick to react to the image online and suggested her similar appearance to Princess Charlotte.

“Princess Charlotte is similar,” Instagram user jtojudth said.

Another user, chinivergie, said: “Lady Kitty, you and HRH Princess Charlotte look the same. These are the Spencer genes!

“Now we know what Princess Charlotte will look like when she is an adult,” Rhardiant added.

patrick3503 wrote on the post, “Wow… that’s Spencer’s genes.

“You look like your niece Princess Charlotte – the daughter of Prince William and Kate.”

sabrinasabrin continued: “Princess Charlotte really looks like you, I can imagine how she will grow up to be as beautiful as you.”

“OMG! I thought it was Charlotte,” chiara.bazzu exclaimed.

ania_kimie added: “Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is vibrating!”

Lady Kitty Spencer grew up between South Africa and England after her parents divorced in 1997.

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