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Anni Borghesani. Courtesy picture.

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. — With sad but faithful hearts, friends and loved ones bid farewell to Anni Borghesani, longtime Lake County resident and owner of Kelseyville Lumber & Supply Company, who made her unexpected exit from the world stage on May 28, 2022, just two days after his 78th birthday.

Anni left us as prematurely as she arrived on May 26, 1944, less than two weeks before D-Day, when she was born to Gerhard and Elisabeth Hann in a German-occupied region of Poland.

Although they lost almost everything in World War II, the family survived, and in 1952, with her parents and two older sisters, Lina and Adina, Anni emigrated to the United States, living in her new home in Oregon until she went to boarding school. school.

Rather than hindering her progress, these humble beginnings as a war refugee and immigrant propelled Anni towards a life of fulfillment. After studying business at Pacific Union College in Northern California, she quickly jumped into a job market that remained largely resistant to women, especially those with her ambition and drive. Anni embodied what many in the 60s and 70s would call a career woman – single, successful and fiercely independent.

As the manager of a roofing company in Rohnert Park, California in the late 1970s, Anni was enjoying the straight and fast trajectory of her working life when a tall, handsome stranger entered the field and threw a curve.

Anni may not have been looking for a soul mate at the time; nevertheless, she found one in Bob Borghesani, a rugged outdoorsman, country gentleman, and favorite Lake County son who frequented Anni’s workplace to buy supplies for his lumber business in booming in Kelseyville.

Reluctant at first, Anni eventually agreed to go out with Bob, and soon she was putting her pilot’s license to good use by flying out and visiting him in his hometown. With much in common, Bob and Anni became inseparable and they married in 1979, establishing a home with Bob’s two sons, Mark and Paul, who witnessed many prosperous and happy years, during which she supported the boys by attending their countless sporting events.

When the love of her life passed away in 2011, rather than closing the business she and Bob had worked so hard to maintain, Anni took over the reins of the operation and, with the help of Mark and Paul, oversaw the preservation of a success.

Both fiery and fearless, Anni was also intelligent, generous and kind. She was an Aunt Mame character to her many nieces and nephews, whom she all adored and showered with gifts. Charitable with her time for those less fortunate than herself, she has helped fund or volunteered for numerous relief efforts in various parts of the world, including traveling to Thailand and helping survivors after the devastating tsunami in 2004.

Anni was a larger-than-life inspiration, and anyone who entered her sphere was caught up in the whirlwind of her tireless energy and spirit. With her doors always open, Anni has provided her family and friends with countless opportunities to socialize and celebrate reunions, weddings, birthdays, holidays and yes, even funerals.

Christmas, in particular, marked a special time for Anni, when she not only entertained her extended family, but also hosted a ladies night out at Kelseyville Lumber which drew hundreds of women into the business for an evening of show and pleasure.

Despite these virtuous qualities, Anni was not beyond questionable tactics if it meant gaining the upper hand, especially when she and her sister Adina sat down to play cards against their husbands, Bob and Jack. As her son Mark attests, the two sisters “started talking German to each other, to their advantage of course, had fun, but then couldn’t keep their faces straight and started laughing loudly. It was hilarious to watch them.

A skydiver, avid golfer and seasoned equestrian, Anni was also a clotheshorse, and she loved shopping for wardrobes to suit every occasion, accumulating such a range of outfits that she required the expansion of storage space in her master bedroom, and Anni would no doubt agree that given more time, she would have achieved the equivalent of the Winchester Mystery House walk-in closet.

Anni’s warmth and goodwill extended beyond the human realm. His penchant for other species was also notable and may have started with one of his beloved dogs, a Shih Tzu named Daisy. She adopted many dogs throughout her life, providing stray and pound puppies with much-needed food and shelter. They, in turn, gave him company, as his later charges most certainly did — Bravo, Zoey, and Raven.

With an affinity for hummingbirds that bordered on fixation, Anni surrounded her house, backyard and large garden with numerous feeders, which were always filled. No doubt thousands of Anni’s hummingbirds, past, present and future, can thank Anni for their existence, as all who knew her can appreciate that she taught them some of life’s most important lessons.

Anni is survived by her two sisters, Lina and Adina, and her sons, Mark and Paul, though her memory will live on in the hearts of all who knew her.

The Lakeport Seventh-day Adventist Church will hold a memorial service for Anni on Friday, June 17 at 2 p.m.

Donations in his memory may be made to the Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic/Dosha Fund by mail or in person at 3083 Highway 175, Lakeport, CA 95453 or by phone at 707-263-5101.

Arrangements by Chapel of the Lakes Mortuary, 707-263-0357 or 707-994-5611, or visit

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