Launch of the online shopping store in Australia


Australia’s social calendar looks a bit sparse right now with birthdays, anniversaries and celebratory dinners pending. However, you can’t stop a girl from dreaming, planning her outfit and … hmm … online shopping.

The shopping destination at the top of our list? The new online fashion store from Dior

Spring has arrived and from September 14, thanks to the luxury fashion house’s local e-commerce destination, we can now have Dior delivered directly to our door.

(Clockwise from top): Dark Blue Embroidered Cotton DWAY Slide, $ 1090; Dior Zodiac square scarf in white silk twill $ 715; Toile De Jouy Zodiac Mitzah scarf in pink and navy silk twill, $ 410; all of

Accessories including handbags, shoes and headwear are all at the top of the SHE team roster, given that they have the power to elevate any outfit. Here are a few of our favorite picks on the website.

Latte grained calfskin satchel, $ 5,500; Latte grained calfskin mini satchel, $ 4,700; both of

To our delight, Dior’s equestrian-inspired Saddle bag is available for purchase in styles and colors to suit any occasion. A favorite of the 2000s icon and Sex and the city protagonist Carrie Bradshaw, and relaunched in 2018 with great success, the saddle bag can be styled and worn in multiple ways. If you prefer something smaller, the mini saddle bag is more compact but still has the saddle flap with a magnetic “D” stirrup clasp and a “CD” signature on either side of the handle. Very stylish.

Diortravel detachable wallet, $ 850; Small DiorTravel zip pouch, $ 750; DiorTravel pouch, $ 1,000; all of

Whether you dream of a trip halfway across the world or across your suburb, the DiorTravel collection will help you stay organized. The DiorTravel pint-sized detachable wallet is a practical and modern accessory that can be attached to any handbag (a saddle bag, maybe?) Via a nifty metal ring. One size up is the small DiorTravel zip pouch which can hold all the essentials on its own or can be slipped into your favorite handbag. If a small pouch doesn’t do the trick, the DiorTravel pouch should do the trick with its drawstring closure allowing more room for your things; with a removable strap, you can wrap it around your wrist on your adventures away from home.

(From left to right): Lady Dior My ABCDIOR Bag in Cannage Pink Yarrow lambskin, $ 7,300; Gray embroidered velvet Mizza headband, $ 1,200; Small Dior Book tote in gray Mizza embroidered velvet, $ 5,100; all of

Of course, an exclusivity never goes astray. To celebrate the launch of Dior’s new shopping experience, a selection of products will be available only online, including the eternally coveted Lady Dior bag in pink Yarrow quilted leather, as well as the Book Tote and Dior Cannage headband in Gray Velvet Mizza embroidery. .

If you were waiting for a sign to buy that saddle bag or tote bag, that’s it! There has never been a better time to click “add to cart” on your Dior favorites.

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