Medieval Dynasty Releases Update

The folks at Render Cube and Toplitz Production have announced a new patch for their survival game medieval dynasty. Patch version brings console-specific changes to the game along with additional features and a host of bug fixes. Long-awaited changes include easier placement of fences and gates.

medieval dynasty is a survival and adventure game set in medieval times. Players assume the role of a young man who takes it upon himself to become the next great leader of his community. There’s an open world to explore, and players must work their way to the top by hunting, gathering, crafting, and building. medieval dynasty combines elements of survivalrole-playing, simulation, adventure and strategy.


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Developer Render Cube and publisher Toplitz Productions have announced a new update for the game. In the update, all platforms are receiving various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, the update does not resolve the medieval dynastytext problems. However, there are some instrumental changes in this patch. The first is the addition of a new Performance Mode for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This allows for better framerates with lower graphics quality.

Now players can choose between Quality and Performance in the Graphics menu. Instead of the standard 30fps, Xbox and PS5 gamers can enjoy a much smoother 60fps with the Performance option. This could be particularly useful in the medieval dynasty in situations like hunting, where precision is important. In terms of graphics, this will degrade the resolution, as expected. On Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the native dynamic resolution between 4K and 1440p will be 1440p – 1080p. For Xbox Series S, the change is from 1440p – 1080p to 1080p – 900p.

Another major change is released to make creating in-game fences and gates easier and faster. For all platforms, the update adds an anchor mechanism that allows the continuation of the structure of the previous block. Prior to the patch, users had to try to match the end of the previous fence, road, or gate. Making fences in this way can only lead to tiny gaps, even with great care. building a village in medieval dynasty. Players can now also reverse the fence selection to face forward as they wish.

There are also a bunch of other less significant changes. medieval dynastythe NPCs of get an updated clothing system, roads can be added under already built gates, animal behavior and physics are improved, and several new languages ​​are now supported.

Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes – PC, PS5, XBox

XBOX SERIES X/S (October 21, 2022)

Content version:

Xbox Series X/S Build Version:


– Performance mode settings (in the “Graphics” section of the settings).

– Separate settings for PC Gamepass and XSX Gamepass (should help with launch issues).

– Fixed: Restoring default control settings results in sprint and crouch set to hold instead of flip.

– Fixed: FPS drop when walking with torch (XSS).

PlayStation®5 (October 21, 2022)

Content version:

PlayStation®5: 01,414,000


– Performance mode settings (in the “Graphics” section of the settings).

– Fixed: Restoring default control settings results in sprint and crouch set to hold instead of flip.

– Fixed: Poor audio quality caused by compression.

– Fixed: Ghosting effect when looking around.

– Fixed: Crash when trying to exit the game from the death screen.

PC + console


– Ability to reverse the front of the fences when placing.

– Ability to continue placing fences and roads from their last anchor point.

– Ability to place roads under already constructed gates.

– Player can be knocked down after hitting something in the air.


– Interacting on a gamepad made it difficult to exit workshops when using the exit option in the radial menu.

– On the Control 2 preset alternative, the player would jump when selecting options from the radial menu.

– Blood is too bright in detective mode.

– Rotation of furniture and gate works too slowly.

– Cursor in occluded dialogues of long texts.

– Looping battle music.

– If a path to an animal is too long, the player will now teleport to the animal instead of walking.

– The Waiting interaction “works” for the trough even when the player does not have the required item.

– When the player is in the middle of the picking animation and clicks on a stool, they instantly sit on it instead.

– When the player interacts with the bed, the player’s sleeping wife “jumps”.

– Search speed when using gamepads is related to FPS.

– NPCs “collapse” in bed.

– In the list of names of the heir, Przebor appears twice.

– The ‘Night Hunt’ quest sometimes does not give rewards.

– The cave effect disappeared after the player slipped into a cave.

– Player cannot shoot after ragdolling in water without getting out of water.

– Player still punches with fists after sitting while holding LMB.

– Projectiles do not bounce off stone and iron.

– Milking goats restores bucket durability.

– Incorrect center of mass for felled trees without leaves.

– In the ‘People Demand’ control, when you click to change an item from available to unavailable, the mouse is locked in the checkbox.

– Opening containers while holding the confirm button on the gamepad will transfer the first item.

– Talking to NPCs while holding the confirm button on the gamepad will cause the first dialog option to be chosen.

– After doing a quest for the herald, it is no longer visible on the map.

– The villages not being marked as ‘Visited’ for the achievement on horseback.

– Conservation of momentum when the character stumbles and falls.

– Conservation of momentum when falling from a horse.

– Characters falling through the ground while ragdolling.

– Unstuck function does not reset ragdoll speed.

– NPCs shake their heads when trying to rotate 180 degrees.

– Animal meshes on ragdoll update only when they are close to the player.

– Character meshes on ragdoll update only when they are close to the player.

– Sometimes picking animations could be canceled by interaction.


– NPC Clothing System – NPCs should now have more variety when starting a new game.

– Visual improvement of ghosts of constructed objects.

– The player rises from the ragdoll state.

– NPCs start their duties with some time differences.

– Animals changing their daily behavior with some time differences.

– Influence of alcohol on the probability of tripping and falling.

– Horse tail and donkey physics.

– The Korean language.

– French language.

– German language.

– Polish language.

– Italian language.

medieval dynasty is now available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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