Meet Eve Jobs, daughter of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who will soon appear in a Louis Vuitton digital campaign

Eve Jobs – the youngest daughter of legendary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs – rose from the shadow of her famous father to become a successful model, horsewoman and rides for luxury brands like Coperni and Louis Vuitton. In 2021, Eve Jobs made her foray into the world of modeling by modeling for luxury fashion brand Coperni in Paris. She has also signed a modeling contract with Louis Vuitton and will soon feature in a digital campaign.

Eve started riding lessons at the age of six. While his parents asked him to focus on studies all along, they also allowed him to travel for show jumping competitions during summer and spring break.

Eve Jobs was 13 when Steve Jobs died of a pancreatic tumor in 2011. She later called her mother Laurene Powell Jobs her “guiding light” during an interview with the US magazine. vanity lounge.

She said in a recent interview with vanity lounge“As my life unfolds a bit, I’m going to find my way to impact more people in the best way possible. I want to take my time and do it right and find something that I love, just like I see my mom finding ways to reach people.

During this interview, she also dismissed claims by American author Walter Isaacson that she used to call her father’s assistant to make sure she was on his schedule. Isaacson wrote a bestselling biography of Steve Jobs.

Jobs said she remembered going to work with her father and sketching on a whiteboard in his office that she says is still there to this day.

Eve told Vanity Fair, “I have no memory of it. I’m so sorry I let you down. I remember going to work with him and drawing on that whiteboard in his office which, I believe, is still there to this day, with all my little scribbles on it, I would subconsciously soak up all the beauty and gorgeous design around me.

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