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Raquel Lynn and her American Paint Horse mare, Fira, embrace the city life outside of Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Raquel Lynn.

His parents found it strange. After all, it was a very little teen thing to do. But that never bothered Raquel. She always loved to read Architectural summary … Although it was unconventional for a teenage girl when most girls her age read things like Seventeen, Teen vogue and Cosmo. But maybe it was a look at what was to come for this potential equestrian lifestyle blogger, who would create a social media following what most bloggers in any industry would envy.

The early years

With a mom who wanted to share her love of horseback riding with her two daughters, Raquel Lynn Rzeszotarski grew up owning a horse, riding in the west, participating in 4-H in various disciplines and racing. of barrels in northern Ohio. After high school, she took a technology program at a broadcast school and took voiceover lessons, which helped her land an internship and eventually a promotional job at a record label. Her job led her to several things that she would eventually fall in love with: her husband, content creation, and social media.

She and her husband, Adam Korbesmeyer, met in 2008 while working in the same building. They married in 2014, moved briefly to New York City, and then Adam’s career took the couple to Los Angeles in 2015.

At the same time, her relationship was growing, as was her desire to create her own thing. When the company she worked for went bankrupt, Raquel decided to run her own blog and social media. So, in 2010, she launched under the name Raquel Lynn, using her middle name as it is easy to remember.

Now with over 1,200 articles, Horses and Heels is “a blog showcasing cowboy boots, home decor, fashion, food, and the general lifestyle for the equestrian enthusiast.” It’s for the woman who wants to add a touch of horseback riding to her life or for the cowgirl who lives and breathes horses. The Instagram account is @horsesandheels_.

Raquel Lynn's home office.
Raquel’s home office showcases her unique sense of style, which has a Western flair.

The content often relates to things Raquel loves, some of which are listed on her site: “cowboy boots, glitter, anything glittery, cowhide, create, cook, Pomeranians, Paint Horses, good sale, flowers, wine, goat cheese, photography, apartments, Bravo TV, barrel race, turquoise, palm trees and sun. “

Raquel’s second blog,, started out as a section on his original blog, but its popularity grew so much that he won his own website to give his readers more of what they wanted – beautiful barns and stables from all over the world. world. And who better to provide this content than a lover of Architectural summary? Prior to the website spin-off, Raquel Lynn launched Stable Style as her own Instagram account (@stablestyle), which now has over 78,000 followers. His blogs receive thousands of views every week.

In The Content Biz

“When I first started horses and heels, I had no idea what I was doing at all, so it was a lot of trial and error,” she says. “And I think one of the reasons Stable Style is doing so well is that I have already taken the crash course. [of] Horses and heels. “

She also works for various business clients and freelance writes for publications, such as Illustrated horse, Chromium, American Paint Horse Journal and others.

“I’m a project person, so I think one of the reasons I thrive blogging and freelancing and all of these different things is that I don’t like doing the same thing every day,” says -it. “I am very excited to start a new project.”

One of her goals as a full-time blogger is to assess the effectiveness of her various sources of income so that she can adjust what she spends time on.

“As a blogger everything changes so much and so quickly, you also need to be able to change if you want to keep doing it full time,” says Raquel Lynn. “For me, since I don’t work for a company, if I want to get a raise, I have to find a way to do it.”

The pandemic caused some changes, but it allowed her to finally publish the book she had wanted out for years. In November 2020, Stable style: barn inspiration for all riders has been freed. It’s a beautifully photographed coffee table book showcasing everything from two-stall stables to large workout facilities.

Raquel Lynn is very passionate about what she does and all of the opportunities and relationships she has built through her brands.

“It’s fun because I’m always learning something new and constantly evolving,” she says. “It’s a good thing, because I don’t know if everyone loves their job as much as I do, and I feel very lucky to have it.

Raquel Lynn's new book Stable Style.
Raquel’s book is available on and Amazon.

This lifelong Paint Horse enthusiast has embraced owning an urban horse in Los Angeles, often showcasing her rides through the city streets aboard her registered American Paint mare, Fira, and walks with her. Pomeranian, Mango. She had Fira at the age of 3 and trained her within the city limits, since Fira literally lives in her garden.

“It was a fun challenge, but I don’t think I would recommend doing it again,” she laughs.

One of his highlights over the past decade is seeing the growth of his business, including sales of items, such as his book, and more recently, private label candles.

“Some of my other highlights were just the friendships I made, because I talk to so many people online, and sometimes I meet them in person,” she says.

This article about Raquel Lynn appeared in the April 2021 issue of Illustrated horse magazine. Click here to subscribe!


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