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In addition, at least three of the mares are pregnant. There could be others, but without access to equipment such as a discharge chute, this was difficult to determine.

“They weren’t well managed enough to know who was high and who wasn’t,” Dutton said.

Dutton predicts that his office will need a few more days to compile the evidence and consult with the Lewis and Clark County District Attorney’s Office before charges are laid next week.

“I’ll try to push this as fast as possible,” he said.

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The nearly 60 horses seized by the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office are currently being held at the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds where they are fed and watered three times a day.

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Disc

The urgency is due to the financial burden that the case has placed on the police. At the request of the veterinarians, the horses were fed three times a day, which requires about 25 bales of hay per day.

Concerned citizens have donated around 12 tonnes of hay to the cause since Tuesday.

County fairgrounds are also feeling the pressure. Due to the presence of unvaccinated horses, a barrel race scheduled for earlier in the week was canceled, resulting in lost revenue for the fairground.

A gun show and other events are planned at the fairgrounds in the coming days.

The sheriff’s office is working to move the herd to a vacant lot near the fairgrounds to free up the enclosures for future events at the site. County spokeswoman Jeni Garcin said the sheriff’s office now needs donations of corral signs to make it happen.

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