Paramount Pictures is making new film in Buffalo this month


We learned that a Paramount Pictures movie was leading casting calls for extras here in Buffalo for an unnamed new movie earlier this week, but we didn’t know when the movie would be set in western New York. It became at least a little clearer on Friday.

According to WKBW’s Hannah Buehler, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown during her annual State of the City Address announced that Paramount Pictures will bring their new film to Buffalo later this month.

From extras casting call, the production company is looking for anyone with an Amish-like appearance or willing to adopt an Amish-like appearance.

  • Anyone with an Amish-type beard or someone who could be shaped to have an Amish-type appearance.
  • The casting call is looking for Amish-looking extras, male and female, as well as all age groups, including children, teens and the elderly.
  • There is even a call for a “German Youth Singing Group”, which you can see here.

The movie title, along with filming locations, will likely be out in a week or two, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the exact locations of Hollywood film crews in Buffalo and western New York. .

There is even still time to become an extra, so be sure to visit Buffalo Casting for the chance to be in the movie!

A COVID-19 test is mandatory before and during filming.

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