Princess Anne stepped foot in it when a TV traffic cop picked her up

A famous TV traffic cop has told how Princess Anne once stepped into it by borrowing her shoulder to change her boots. The Princess Royal put her feet up on him for a quick change of her favorite shoes after getting into the back of her police cruiser.

But at least she had the good manners to thank PC Tim Scothern who appeared on the TV series Traffic Cops and Police Interceptors for 12 years. But the policeman who became known as ‘TV Tim’ after appearing in the first documentary ‘Traffic Cops’ in 2002 and Interceptors on Channel 5 gave no clues.

He was on royal protection duty when the encounter with Princess Anne happened. The policeman didn’t expect to be used as a footstool when he picked up the Queen’s daughter from Doncaster Racecourse

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He told the Daily Mail columnist Richard Eden: “She put her foot on my shoulder, unzipped her boot, saying, ‘Man, I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your shoulder,’ then took her boot off and put her foot back on my shoulder.

“Her lady-in-waiting pulled out another pair of shoes, put them on and said, ‘Thank you, man, that’s very nice.’

Different coat same style boots for Princess Anne

Princess Anne is often seen in a coat and boots combo. A long, fitted coat with tall black, brown, or tan boots is her go-to for outdoor appearances. It’s her traditional attire for events such as the Cheltenham Festival where the March weather makes keeping warm more important than fashion.

Like everyone else, she seems to have a favorite pair as she seems to vary her coats but wears the same pair of boots. The slouchy black boots appear to be soft suede and fall just below the knee and have a low heel.

However, this year she showed she is keeping up with the latest trends as she swapped her usual black boots for the beige color which was the color of choice for footwear at Cheltenham this year. Although the fact that the lady-in-waiting wears a pair of shoes for the car trip home suggests that they aren’t as comfortable as they look like they’ve been wearing them all day.

Princess Anne wears must-have tan boots for Cheltenham 2022
Princess Anne wears must-have tan boots for Cheltenham 2022

On the other hand, the busy Princess Royal has multiple engagements a day, so she could have changed into a more formal or cleaner pair for an indoor engagement. She favors nude or black shoes when wearing lighter clothes.

Either way, the royal incident was water in the back of the PC who had an instinct for catching criminals and helped disrupt organized crime groups, his bosses say. Although known to be on the road, the officer has also helped South Yorkshire Police catch some of their most wanted criminals.

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He was still recognized by enthusiastic viewers until his retirement from South Yorkshire Police a few days ago. Paying tribute to the TV cop after announcing his retirement, Inspector Craig Clifton said his knowledge was invaluable and added: ‘Tim has been an icon in highway policing for decades and will be a sad loss to the team.

“Just a few weeks ago, Tim and I were sitting with a stolen car when some of his fans came out for his autograph!”

Tim first joined South Yorkshire Police in 1992 as a trainee officer and after training to ‘excel’ in the interception of criminals. This led to roles in Traffic Cops on BBC1 and Interceptors on Channel 5.

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