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Queen Elizabeth loses an important member of the Royal Household | PA

Queen Elizabeth is going through one of the most difficult times, after 70 years of service, stalwart Ann Fortune FitzRoy monarch, lose your life.

The “british monarch“Queen Elizabeth is again in a duel after losing one of those who would become more than her employee, her confidante, Anne FitzRoy.

Also called the “lady clothes“who was in charge of the outfits of the”Queen of United Kingdom“Anne Fortune, who lost her life last Friday at the age of 101, according to local media.

The post of FitzRoy (Masters of the Robes) was to organize the attendance tours of the monarch’s bridesmaids and various other functions in state ceremonies.

Queen Elizabeth loses an important member of the Royal Household. Photo: AP

The Duchess served in the royal household for almost 70 years and was one of the closest friends of the leading member of the british family, different sources coincide.

Who was Anne Fortune FitzRoy?

She was born in 1920 and was the daughter of Captain Evan Cadogan and Beatrice Helen Williams, trained as a nurse and married the 11th Duke of Grafton, Hugh FitzRoy, in 1946 they had five children, two boys and three daughters, the aristocrat lost their lives in April 2011.

His work was always behind the scenes and always crucial for the most important occasions such as state visits or the opening of parliament. In fact, he accompanied the Queen on trips as crucial as those to Nigeria in 1956, France in 1972, Morocco in 1980 and Russia in 1994, according to Vanitatis.

Her duties were also to take care of the rotation of the Queen’s other bridesmaids and assistants.

In no time, the mother of Prince Charles of Wales He faced several losses of close friends and members of the Royal Household.

Elizabeth Alexandra Marie, better known as Queen Elizabeth II, 69, faced the loss of her husband Prince Philip of Edinburgh almost early this year, followed by other similar events.

It was in the same month of April when “Your Majesty“He suffered a double loss first by losing the Prince Consort and later a very special man, his friend Sir Michael Oswald, a horse expert who also excelled as manager of the Royal Studs.

Oswadl has established himself as the advisor of “Lilibeth“(Queen Elizabeth) in equestrian matters. Currently, Prince William and Harry’s grandmother had to call off their engagement in public.

The “ruler of the 16 independent states” is said to have a spinal injury, they refer, so her medical team convinced her to rest.

Just a few weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth II reportedly walked into the hospital where she would have spent the night, which immediately set the red lights on her health.

However, the next day, the “born April 21, 1926” was demobilized and returned home in the afternoon of the same day.

This forced the monarch to take time off on “Harmony Day” so she felt “sad and disappointed” a statement that came about the monarch echoed.

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