Queen only calls two people from her own phone, expert says – and it’s not Andrew

Prince Andrew has long been said to be the Queen’s favorite child, but apparently he’s not at the top of her call list!

Her Majesty has her own personal “encrypted anti-piracy” cell phone, according to a royal expert, and she uses it to talk to her most frequent callers.

According to royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti, there are two lucky people who have instant access to the Queen – Princess Anne and her race director John Warren.

Mr Sacerdoti told Royally US presenter Christina Garibaldi: “Apparently the Queen has two people she talks to the most on her phones and she also apparently has a cell phone that is said to be Samsung with anti-hack encryption. by MI6 so that no one can hack their phone.

Her Majesty will not take calls from just anyone

“But the two people she calls the most are her daughter Princess Anne and her race director John Warren.”

According to the expert, these two lucky callers can reach the Queen from anywhere in the world, especially John.

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“If he calls, she answers,” he revealed. “He is the son-in-law of the Queen’s friend the late Earl of Carnarvon and his home was Highclere Castle in Berkshire which viewers may be better acquainted with as Downton Abbey.”

While Princess Anne may receive special attention as the Queen’s only daughter, responding to Mr. Warren’s calls is of the utmost importance to the monarch.

Horses are one of Her Majesty's greatest passions
Horses are one of Her Majesty’s greatest passions

John Warren is one of the best riders in the world in the thoroughbred industry. Put simply, he is the Queen’s racing adviser and oversees her horse racing and breeding interests.

Her Majesty has owned racehorses for almost 70 years and has won hundreds of Ascot winners as well!

Meanwhile, Princess Anne has an extremely close bond with the Queen. The couple share a love of sport, horseback riding and equestrian events and Anne has followed in her mother’s footsteps with her hardworking attitude.

The duo were seen riding together, wearing similar outfits and sharing sweet moments of affection in front of the cameras.

The Queen and Princess Anne share a very close bond
The Queen and Princess Anne share a very close bond

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Her Majesty may be 95 years old, but she has embraced new technologies and social media to stay in touch with her family and the public during the pandemic.

She became an expert in hosting Zoom calls and also learned how to text and receive video calls.

Well done, Your Majesty!

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