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This story appeared in the September 7, 1997 edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

There was a naked man at the Lewiston Roundup Parade on Saturday afternoon.

At least he appeared naked while lying in an old-fashioned tub on the Lewiston Roundup Reflections of the Past tank. A woman in a Wild West bar lady costume pretended to pour water on him.

Other participations in this year’s annual parade featured creativity equal to that of the Man in the Bath float, the second overall winner.

The Post Falls Junior Miss float had teenage girls in matching blue and white dresses sitting around a decorated gingerbread house. Their tank won first place in the Junior Miss category.

In addition to the floats:

The fire engines sounded their sirens.

Eight huge Budweiser Clydesdale pulled a wooden beer wagon.

School bands played lively music.

Many Indian entrances showed their colorful beaded costumes.

And dozens of horses with riders raced down Main Street in Lewiston as thousands watched from the sides of the street.

“Horses, children and Indian tribes – we all love them,” said Marjorie Parris of Pomeroy as she watched the parade with her husband.

Members of the Nez Perce tribe wore traditional costumes with feathers, long leather fringes, and intricate beaded embroidery as they walked, rode, or danced in the streets.

“They’re a big draw for the parade and they’re one of the many things that attracts people,” said Dave Fillebrown, member of the parade committee.

Mary Hoffman of Clarkston tries to attend the parade every year for the community spirit it evokes.

“Everyone here knows someone and has someone to wave to,” she said.

A girl in sunglasses walked past, casually banging on the huge drum she was carrying for the Sacajawea Junior High Marching Band and calmly chewing on a wad of gum.

“I love bands with their outfits and their stuff and I love the music they play,” said Hailey Thomason, 7, of Lewiston.

A float called “Singin ‘Sam” elicited reactions from adults as enthusiastic as Leanne’s response to the cotton candy seller. As Singin ‘Sam himself walked past a truck bed singing about putting his head down (or maybe putting his hat on) in Idaho, a woman on the sidelines shouted: “Amen! “

Down the street, Leanne Borgen, 6, of Genesee, watched the parade with her grandmother, Carolyn Erickson of Lewiston. Leanne’s favorite thing was candy.

“She makes me run down the street because we can’t find one,” Erickson said.

Leanne turned to her grandmother, threw her arms around her and asked her again to find some candy.

“Please!” she begged. “We have to go find the cotton candy guy!” “

Singin ‘Sam was one of some 150 entrances to the parade.

The parade featured a lot of diversity, said Pat Emerich of Clarkston, as he watched the parade for his sons. They play in junior and senior bands in Clarkston.

When the parade ended nearly two hours after it started, not everyone was ready to go.

Even as the last of the entrances passed, a little boy stood in the street with both arms outstretched, waiting for the parades to throw more candy.


Winners by category in the parade:

Flag teams

1. Clarkston High School Color Guard

2. Jenifer Junior High School Flag Team

American by birth

1. Ester McAtty Memorial Float

2. Carla High Eagle

3. Good start of the Nez Percé tribe

Junior high bands

1. Jenifer Junior High

2. Lincoln College

3. Sacajawea Junior High

Senior high bands

1. Clarkston High School

2. Lewiston High School


1. Lewiston School District

2. Christian Center of the Valley

3. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Drill crew

1. Lincoln College

2. Jenifer Junior High Drilling Crew

3. Sacajawea Junior High School Drilling Team


1. Love gathering

2. Sponsors flags

3. Nez Perce County Mounted Sheriff’s Troop


1. Sand and rock of the Atlas

2. Eagles Aerie No. 631

3. Idaho Regency Blue Shield


1. Border Highlander Pipe and Drum

2. Idaho State Veterans House

3. Orchards Community Church Awana Club

Miss junior

1. Miss Junior Post Falls

2. Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days Royalty

3. Miss Rodeo Idaho, Margaux Edwards

Governor’s Trophy (First place overall)

Sand and rock of the Atlas

Second place overall

Reflections of the past


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