Santa Anita Park Pick & Late Pick 4 Analysis for May 30


As a Santa Anita Sunday arrives, we find the Gold Cup weekend is shifting into high gear … Check out these plays from our turf-man!

As the Gold Cup weekend continues at a brisk pace, our turf-man has you covered again at glorious Santa Anita Park with all his selections and a Pick 4 analysis.

This time around, in order to maximize profits, he takes another hit at the end (races 6-9). It should be a good, stimulating time and the chance to enjoy the Memorial Day vacation!

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LEG 1: (Race 6: Dirt, 6½F, MClm20k, F&M 3+)

The start of this Late Pick 4 sequence finds us in the middle of a giant choice MC nexus. I’m tempted to hit the “all” button and move on, but it’s not good money management. I’ve found over the years that in MC events like this, you want to find entries that are lightly contested, but also have some ability to hit boards. The favorite will likely end up being Brian Koriner’s Sweet Sonny # 9. Twirling Candy’s filly is pretty fit, is seasoned with 10 starts already to her name and certainly has the ability to celebrate her young daughter’s breakup. Let’s use the Jessica Pyfer frame, but include several more as well, just in case the pair can’t close the deal. I also like My tigress # 4 from the Sierra Barn, Bill Spawr’s Misericors # 8, and finally, Mamma Rama # 10 through Andrew Lerner. Each of these has limited experience, which bodes well. I think I found an elegant balance to launch this post. Let’s go rolling …

Selections: 4/8/9/10 (4-Deep)

STAGE 2: (Race 7: Turf, 1 Mile, St. Opt.Clm50k, F&M 3+)

The 2nd Leg presents us with a turf edition which is pure “train wreck” TV. It is an extremely difficult race that could be won by anyone. For my money I like a long shot here named Let’s go now # 4 because I am not convinced that the last breed of the mare was as poor as one might think. In an OC50k on April 24, daughter Tiznow led most of the race which was impressive. It all started to unravel as the closures, well, were closing. Fractionally speaking, it was too hot a beat, and that’s why it all fell apart. With Tyler Baze back in the saddle, maybe he can mod and control the engine. If it can, this could be the Double Digit Price of the Century. I’m not that optimistic that a “Single” is in order, so there are a few more worth throwing out. Flavien Prat and Umberto Rispoli are at another level when it comes to grass navigation and their rides, Deise Delight # 2 and Unbreakable # 7, appear sound. I think they could easily win. For good measure, let’s not forget that of JJ Hernandez either. Goodtingscominpink # 6. At OC levels, this mare out of Clubhouse Ride can handle the turf, and I’m convinced the 3rd off-piste is a major coup. Angles… right angles, across… That should help us get to the “functionality”.

Selections: 2/4/6/7 (4-Deep)

LEG 3: (Course 8: Dirt, 1 1/16, Summertime Oaks (G2), $ 200k, 3F)

We’re heading towards the highlights race on the map, and it’s pretty much a match race, as far as I’m concerned. On the one hand we have Phoenix Thoroughbreds and their filly off Liam’s map, Insanely beautiful. Trained by the excellent Kenny McPeek, this runner attracted a lot of attention during the race for the Kentucky Oaks, when a story broke that the property group was under investigation for a myriad of crimes. Things continue to move forward and McPeek is hoping to get her back on track with Mike Smith on board at this location. In front of her, will be the champion of the Santa Anita Oaks (G2), Soothsay # 4. Richard Mandella has this well-bred Distorted Humor filly pointed in the right direction after a pair of career wins. Oaks’ score was truly an impressive victory, even if it drifted off a bit. His professionalism is still developing, but having Flavien Prat is the keystone. If she is able to capitalize on what she has already achieved, it should be another victory. It’s a “Single” for me …

Selection: 4 (Single)

STAGE 4: (Race 9: Turf, 1 Mile, AOC20k, 3+)

Running this glove was a test of willpower. I’m not sure I can make it to the final, but I sure hope I will! Confidence mixed with a healthy dose of humility are some good traits to have when it comes to playing those horizontal bets. I think I am sitting on a winning ticket, so I want to spend a little more money than usual, in order to cash this one! My best pick is the homebred Nick Alexander, George Herman Ruth # 1. I like his stock, and the names… weak point. Last time, at this level on the grass, this Grazen gelding was 2nd. He just didn’t have enough for the wire, but I think he can rectify that, 3rd off the bench. Getting Umberto Rispoli is a plus, and he should be able to guide him home. Others are exciting too, and I have room for 6 more entrees. These include… Buttress # 2, Beaudacious # 4, Fly to Mars # 5, Carmelita Man # 6, Mr. Brownstone # 7, and Table for ten # 11. Any of these runners has the ability to win that last race on the map. Remember to include all of them. Should be a typical Santa Anita Sunday finish!

Selections: (7-Deep)

————————————————– —–

$ 1.00 COST OF LP4 TICKET: $ 112.00

“The Great Race Place” is where it’s at this Saturday! Enjoy SoCal racing at its best!

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